Start time Title                                                                                                                                
12:00 AM Blackhawk 07    
12:15 AM The Devils Messenger 1961 46 Old Scratch sends emissaries to the surface to trap souls in the underworld for all eternity.   The Devil's Messenger</a></td>
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1:27 AM RockyJones 10 CrashOfMoonsPt1    
1:53 AM The Black Coin Midnight Menace 07    
2:13 AM Assignment Terror 1970 38 An alien wants a werewolf, Dracula, the Mummy and Frankenstein's monster to help him destroy Earth.  Assignment Terror (1970) 
(1982) on IMDb  
3:37 AM Medic Walk With Lions    
4:03 AM Vampire Over London 1952 27 The mysterious figure known as the Vampire comes to England to complete experiments in his mad bid to gain control of the world.  Vampire Over London 
(1952) on IMDb  
5:18 AM Jack Benny Rents His House    
5:47 AM The Iron Master 1933 36 The wealthy owner of an iron foundry dies, and his greedy heirs are outraged when they find out that he left his entire estate to the foreman of his foundry.  The Iron Master 
(1933) on IMDb  
6:53 AM Teenage Challenge EDU    
7:22 AM The Haunted Mouth    
7:36 AM TexAvery 1951 Car of Tomorrow    
7:44 AM Goofy Goat Antics    
7:52 AM Mild West    
7:59 AM Felix The Cat In Hollywood    
8:14 AM Annie Oakley Calls Her Shots    
8:40 AM Roy Rogers Show Bad Neighbors 47    
9:06 AM Jim Bowie Gone To Texas    
9:33 AM Fireball XL5 20 Prisoner on the Lost Planet    
10:00 AM Colorado Sundown 1952 61 A rancher aims to help a friend keep his inheritance, only to find himself accused of murder.  Colorado Sundown 
(1952) on IMDb  
11:07 AM This is Coffee    
11:20 AM Passport To Danger Wife For the Czar 15    
11:53 AM The Hairy Ape 1944 63 A ship's stoker becomes obsessed with a society beauty who finds him repulsive. The Hairy Ape (1944) on IMDb  
1:25 PM Date With The Angels Shall We Dance    
1:51 PM Hep Cat Symphony    
1:57 PM Patterns of Time EDU    
2:10 PM Univ Newsreel 110856    
2:17 PM Federal Men Case Of The Iron Curtain    
2:47 PM Murder In The Red Barn 1935 59 A young girl is tricked by tales of marriage by a villainous Squire.  Maria Marten, or The Murder in the Red Barn 
(1935) on IMDb
3:54 PM Dragnet The Big Grandma    
4:26 PM Dancing Pirate 1936 51 A dance instructor is kidnapped by pirates.   Dancing Pirate 
(1936) on IMDb  
5:50 PM The Lawless Years The Lion And The Mouse    
6:16 PM Betty Boop Betty Boops Little Pal    
6:24 PM The Fat Man Friends of Gina Lardelli    
7:23 PM Blackhawk 07    
7:47 PM Charlie Chan Murder Over New York 1940 70 Chan's partner in crime fighting is murdered while attending a police convention in New York.  Murder Over New York 
(1940) on IMDb  
8:56 PM The Black Coin Midnight Menace 07    
9:18 PM Made in Heaven 1952 51 The arrival of a young new maid threatens the marriages of the men of Dunmow, England.  Made in Heaven 
(1952) on IMDb  
10:35 PM The Miracle Rider The Dragnet 7    
10:57 PM Cowboy Counsellor 1932 72 A con man posing as a lawyer tries to sell copies of a phony law book.  The Cowboy Counsellor 
(1932) on IMDb  

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