Start time Title                                                                                                                                                                                                  
12:00 AM Blackhawk 14    
12:15 AM Doomed to Die 1940 55 A newswoman asks sleuth Mr. Wong to look into the murder of a shipping tycoon.  Doomed to Die 
(1940) on IMDb  
1:22 AM War In The Pacific Navy Holds 1942    
1:48 AM The Black Coin Hidden Peril 14    
2:10 AM Legion of Missing Men 1937 55 In the epic tradition of Beau Geste a group of foreign legionaries are captured and tortured by Arabs.  The Legion of Missing Men (1937) on IMDb  
3:13 AM Lock Up Voice Of Doom    
3:43 AM Bloody Wednesday 1987 37 A meek man finds his life crumbling around him with terrifying results for everyone involved.  Bloody Wednesday 
(1987) on IMDb  
5:19 AM CapZ-Rio 11    
5:47 AM Caryl of the Mountains 1936 57 After his master is murdered, Rinty Jr. helps a Mountie and his master's niece find the killer. Caryl of the Mountains (1936) on IMDb">Caryl of the Mountains (1936) on IMDb
6:45 AM Water below the Surface of Mars    
7:15 AM Oswald Rabbit The Mechanical Cow    
7:25 AM Peeping Penguins    
7:38 AM The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel The Winged Madonna    
8:04 AM John Glenn Story 1963    
8:34 AM UltraMan 12    
8:59 AM The Father of Rocketry    
9:27 AM Men of San Quentin 1942 56 A new warden tries to affect humanitarian prison reforms but is thwarted by the system.   Men of San Quentin 
(1942) on IMDb  
10:46 AM Ozzie and Harriet Ozzie's Double    
11:10 AM Betty Boop Happy You And Marry Me    
11:19 AM Topper Topper Goes To Vegas    
11:48 AM Radio Cab Murder 1954 61 A taxi driver goes undercover in order to help catch a gang of safe robbers.  Radio Cab Murder 
(1954) on IMDb  
12:58 PM Private Secretary Elusive    
1:24 PM Sudden Fried Chicken    
1:36 PM Berely Hillbillies Ellys Animals    
2:03 PM Santa Fe Trail 1940 61 Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.  Santa Fe Trail 
(1940) on IMDb  
3:53 PM Assignment Underwater The Portrait    
4:20 PM It's Got Me Again    
4:27 PM The French Campaign    
4:47 PM Dragnet The Human Bomb    
5:19 PM Secret Sinners 1933 58 Two chorus girls in the follies at a New York City theater search for love and the man of their dreams.  Secret Sinners 
(1933) on IMDb  
6:22 PM Dangerous Assignment The Burma Temple Story    
6:49 PM Danger Man The Girl in the Pink Pajymas    
7:15 PM Blackhawk 14    
7:37 PM Things Are Looking Up 1935 76 Scatterbrain circus lady has to cover for her sour schoolmistress sister. Things Are Looking Up (1935) on IMDb  
8:55 PM The Black Coin Hidden Peril 14    
9:17 PM The Emperor Jones 1933 63 When his subjects revolt, a Caribbean dictator looks back on the path that led to his downfall.  The Emperor Jones 
(1933) on IMDb  
10:31 PM The Miracle Rider Between Two Fires 14    
10:52 PM Panama Patrol 1939 52 Government Secret Agents try to crack the code for secret messages about a planned sabotage bombing.  Panama Patrol 
(1939) on IMDb  

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