Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Shadow Chapter 02    
12:20 AM House Of Mystery 1934 53 An ancient curse and a killer ape are contained inside an old dark mansion.  House of Mystery (1934) on IMDb
1:22 AM Richard Diamond Hit And Run    
1:48 AM The Clutching Hand 2    
2:10 AM Indestructible Man 1956 33 Scientific experiments accidentally revive an executed criminal and make him impervious to harm. Indestructible Man (1956) on IMDb  
3:23 AM Cowboy G Men Beware No Trespassing    
3:50 AM Dementia 13 1963 56 Members of an Irish family are being killed off by one of their own who wishes to inherit the family fortune.  Dementia 13 
(1963) on IMDb  
5:05 AM Hudsons Bay MacLeads Witch    
5:32 AM The Roaming Cowboy 1937 51 Cowboys Cal and Fuzzy find a young boy who watched his father being killed, and when they help the boy find the killer they discover there are more ranchers targeted for death.  The Roaming Cowboy 
(1937) on IMDb
6:34 AM NASA Destination Tomorrow 19 EDU    
7:03 AM Wacky & Packy Wackys Fractured Romance    
7:11 AM Fiddlesticks    
7:27 AM Cisco Kid Bommerang    
7:52 AM William Tell Landslide    
8:18 AM A Vanishing Heritage    
8:31 AM Robin Hood The Little People    
8:56 AM Frontier Doctor The Homesteaders    
9:24 AM Alfs Button Afloat 1938 59 Alf discovers that one of the buttons on his pajamas is made from the metal of Aladdin's lamp.  Alf's Button Afloat (1938) on IMDb  
10:51 AM Nat Cole 9    
11:22 AM Born to Gamble 1935 64 A man and his three brothers inherit their parents' gambling addiction and try to overcome their affliction.  Born to Gamble 
(1935) on IMDb
12:25 PM Man With A Camera Another Barrier    
12:52 PM Japoteurs    
1:01 PM Have Gun Will Travel E7    
1:31 PM Santa Fe Marshal 1940 74 Cassidy goes undercover as a traveling medicine show mind reader to discover who the ringleader of a small town band of outlaws is.  Santa Fe Marshal 
(1940) on IMDb
2:37 PM Beverly Hillbillies Back To Californy    
3:02 PM You Don't Know What You're Doing    
3:11 PM Dr Hudson 4    
3:45 PM Doras Dunkin Donuts 1933 60 A schoolteacher helps his friend Dora by getting his students to help him to make a radio commercial. Dora's Dunking Doughnuts (1933) on IMDb
4:05 PM Spinach for Britain    
4:12 PM Sherlock Holmes Imposter Mystery    
4:44 PM She Had to Choose 1934 74 Tragedy strikes when a young woman meets the proprietor of a restaurant.  She Had to Choose 
(1934) on IMDb
5:43 PM Dragnet The Big Phone Call    
6:09 PM The Dover Boys    
6:22 PM Star Performance Tiger at Noon    
6:48 PM The Shadow Chapter 02    
7:16 PM Unfinished Task 1960 70 The son of a construction company mogul decides on a career path that angers his father and may cost him the woman of his dreams   I'll Give My Life 
(1960) on IMDb
8:30 PM The Clutching Hand 2    
8:54 PM Colonel Effinghams Raid 1946 61 A retired Army officer fights to save his hometown's Confederate monument. Colonel Effingham's Raid (1946) on IMDb  
10:05 PM Dick Tracy Returns 02    
10:24 PM The Stars Look Down 1940 71 A man leaves for college. He hopes to return on day to help the coal miners with their unsafe working conditions.  The Stars Look Down 
(1940) on IMDb

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