Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Jungle Drums of Africa 01    
12:20 AM Wild Country 1947 61 Caxton has broken out of prison and Marshal Dean has been sent to bring him in.   Wild Country 
(1947) on IMDb  
1:18 AM One Step Beyond The Trap    
1:43 AM Jungle Drums of Africa 02    
1:57 AM The Brain Eaters 1958 39 Evil parasites from the earth's core ,invade the brains of the intellectual elite and misguide them to create a higher order to fit their needs.  The Brain Eaters 
(1958) on IMDb  
2:58 AM Robin Hood Youngest Outlaw    
3:24 AM The Legend of Boggy Creek 1972 37 This drama questions the existence of a hairy 7ft tall Sasquatch-type monster that lives in a swap outside of Fouke,Arkansas  The Legend of Boggy Creek 
(1972) on IMDb
4:52 AM Tales Of Tomorrow Appointment On Mars    
5:16 AM Wild Brian Kent 1936 53 Brian finds out his new real estate partner is a crook, trying to do two women out of their ranch.  Wild Brian Kent 
(1936) on IMDb  
6:12 AM Pop Goes the Weasel Brit taxes    
6:23 AM All American Soap Box Derby 1936    
6:34 AM People Along The Mississippi    
7:01 AM Little Audery Song Of The Birds    
7:09 AM Pleased To Eat You    
7:20 AM Cisco Kid Mr.X    
7:47 AM Betty Boop Little Nobody    
7:54 AM Robin Hood The Salt King    
8:19 AM I Wish I Had Wings    
8:27 AM Buccaneers Slave Ship    
8:53 AM Popeye Wotta Knight    
9:00 AM CapZ-Rio 06    
9:29 AM Let George Do It or To Hell wih Hitler 1940 66 An unwitting spy in Norway nearly fouls up a British intelligence operation.  To Hell with Hitler 
(1940) on IMDb  
10:49 AM Trouble with Father The Business    
11:14 AM TexAvery 1949 Wags to Riches    
11:22 AM Judge Priest 1934 65 A Southern judge confounds civic leaders with his laid-back approach to his job. Judge Priest (1934) on IMDb  
12:43 PM The Lucy Show Bean Queen    
1:06 PM Betty Boop No No A Thousand Times No    
1:18 PM Medic Time To Be Alive    
1:49 PM The Admiral Was a Lady 1950 56 Four slacker G.I.'s return from World War II and avoid jobs in order to stay on the dole.  The Admiral Was a Lady 
(1950) on IMDb
3:16 PM Lone Ranger Pt3 Enter The Lone Ranger    
3:39 PM Porkeys Midnight Matinee    
3:51 PM Molly and Me 1945 65 A struggling actress gets more than a job when she becomes a servant to a crusty retired politician.  Molly and Me 
(1945) on IMDb  
5:08 PM Peter Gunn The Fuse    
5:33 PM The Stupidstitious Cat    
5:46 PM The Talk of Hollywood 1929 56 A silent movie producer has problems creating his first talking motion picture.  The Talk of Hollywood (1929) on IMDb  
6:58 PM Sherlock Holmes Harry Crocker    
7:24 PM Battleground WWII Solarno    
7:51 PM Jungle Drums of Africa 01    
8:12 PM Charlie Chan Murder Over New York 1940 70 Chan's partner in crime fighting is murdered while attending a police convention in New York.  Murder Over New York 
(1940) on IMDb  
9:20 PM Jungle Drums of Africa 02    
9:33 PM The Wild Party 1929 62 A comely collegian falls for an anthropology professor and accompanies him on a jungle expedition.  The Wild Party 
(1929) on IMDb  
10:49 PM Jungle Drums of Africa 03    
11:03 PM Stars Over Texas 1946 66 Eddie runs into trouble with Ringo Evans and his gang while delivering cattle to the Lawrence ranch.  Stars Over Texas 
(1946) on IMDb  

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