Start time Title                                                                                                                                  
12:00 AM Ace Drummond 1 Where East Meets West    
12:23 AM The Man From Utah 1934 49 A rodeo rider hunts for the killers of rodeo riders before they can win at a roving rodeo run by outlaws.  The Man from Utah 
(1934) on IMDb  
1:15 AM One Step Beyond Esther and Emily    
1:40 AM The Green Hornet The Tunnel Of Terror 1    
2:01 AM Attack Of The Crab Monsters 1957 46 A scientific experiment unleashes giant crabs on a deserted island.  Attack of the Crab Monsters 
(1957) on IMDb  
3:05 AM Racket Squad The Home Wreckers    
3:31 AM One Body Too Many 1944 50 A killer is at large and a timid life insurance salesman discovers a corpse at a sinister mansion.  One Body Too Many (1944) on IMDb  
4:47 AM Decoy The Gentle Gunman    
5:15 AM Fighting Deputy 1937 54 The Sheriff and his deputies are after the brother of the girl Deputy Tom plans to marry.  The Fighting Deputy 
(1937) on IMDb  
6:04 AM Diver Dan Depth Charge    
6:11 AM How the Ear Works    
6:23 AM Case of the Phenomenal Weather    
7:22 AM Superman The Mechanical Monsters    
7:33 AM The Goal Rush    
7:41 AM Porky Timid Toreador    
7:52 AM Roy Rogers Show Outlaws Return 26    
8:19 AM Annie Oakley Joker On Horseback    
8:47 AM Hudsons Bay Martinet    
9:14 AM Fireball XL5 04 Space Magnet    
9:41 AM The Crooked Circle 1932 66 A motorcycle policeman and his girlfriend unmask a fake swami in a haunted house. The Crooked Circle (1932) on IMDb  
10:41 AM Love That Bob Butters Beck    
11:06 AM Puddle Pranks    
11:20 AM Impact 1949 70 After surviving a murder attempt, an auto magnate goes into hiding so his wife can pay for the crime. Impact (1949) on IMDb  
1:12 PM Lock Up The Beau And Arrow Case    
1:41 PM In Old Santa Fe 1934 66 Big-city gangsters frame an innocent ranch hand with murder.  In Old Santa Fe 
(1934) on IMDb  
2:45 PM Public Prosecutor Case Of The Man Who Wasnt There    
3:02 PM Showdown    
3:11 PM Hancock 05 Economy Drive    
3:49 PM Double Exposure 1944 64 A magazine editor tries to establish the innocence of a photojournalist accused of murder.  Double Exposure 
(1944) on IMDb  
4:54 PM Love that Bob and the Dumb Blonde    
5:20 PM TexAvery 1950 The Peachy Cobbler    
5:28 PM The Invisible Man Death Cell    
5:57 PM The Memphis Belle A Story Of A Flying Fortress 1944 72 Documentary about the 25th and last bombing mission of a B17, the "Memphis Belle".  The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress 
(1944) on IMDb
6:39 PM Racket Squad The Long Shot    
7:09 PM Battleground Liberation of Paris    
7:30 PM Ace Drummond 1 Where East Meets West    
8:00 PM What the Butler Saw 1950 65 A British nobleman sets out to break up the budding romance. Complications ensue.  What the Butler Saw 
(1950) on IMDb  
9:03 PM The Green Hornet The Tunnel Of Terror 1    
9:27 PM Ticket to a Crime 1934 54 A private eye and a lawman investigate a murder and $50,000 in stolen pearls. Ticket to a Crime (1934) on IMDb  
10:31 PM Raiders of Ghost City 01 Murder by Accident    
10:52 PM Alimony Madness 1933 64 A man's wife is put on trial for the murder of his first wife.  Alimony Madness (1933) on IMDb  

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