Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Ace Drummond 5 Bullets Of Sand    
12:20 AM The Phantom 1931 43 A group of people are stalked by a masked killer in an old mansion. The Phantom (1931) on IMDb  
1:21 AM War In The Pacific War In China    
1:47 AM The Green Hornet Time Bomb 5    
2:08 AM Girls in Chains 1943 44 A fired teacher finds work at a girls reform school and helps a detective on a case.  Girls in Chains 
(1943) on IMDb
3:20 AM Lock up 42    
3:49 AM The Man on the Eiffel Tower 1950 59 A down and out medical student is paid to murder his wealthy aunt. The Man on the Eiffel Tower (1949) on IMDb  
5:17 AM Follow that Man Murder in the Rough    
5:45 AM The Dark Hour 1936 54 A pair of detectives investigate the murder of an elderly millionaire who was the target of blackmail and death threats The Dark Hour (1936) on IMDb  
6:54 AM Moon and Man    
7:23 AM Muley Show 1    
7:43 AM Sinbad The Sailor    
7:56 AM Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor    
8:12 AM American Thrift Tribute to Women    
8:31 AM Annie Oakley Treasure Map    
8:57 AM Clutch Cargo Twaddle In Africa    
9:18 AM Gene Autry Show The Black Rider    
9:46 AM UltraMan 30    
10:14 AM The Pride of the Legion 1932 56 A cop, known for being a rock under pressure, endeavors to cope with the aftermath of a psychologically traumatic experience at work.  Pride of the Legion 
(1932) on IMDb
10:45 AM Ozzie and Harriet Davids 17th Birthday    
11:10 AM Farmer Al Falfa Wayward Pup    
11:21 AM Ramar of the Jungle Danger in Disguise    
11:57 AM A Stranger In Town 1943 68 A Supreme Court justice on a duck-hunting foray becomes involved in serious trouble with the citizens in a small town.  A Stranger in Town 
(1943) on IMDb
1:04 PM Jack Benny Honolulu Trip    
1:35 PM Univ Newsreel 032645    
1:43 PM Boston Blackie The Heist Job You Crook    
2:12 PM Meet The Mayor 1932 63 An elevator operator invents a machine that he believes can help to defeat a corrupt politician   A Fool's Advice 
(1932) on IMDb
3:15 PM Red Skelton 03    
3:40 PM The City 1939 Edu    
4:19 PM We Live Again 1934 61 A Russian nobleman discovers the peasant girl he once seduced has turned to crime.   We Live Again 
(1934) on IMDb
5:42 PM Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Shy Ballerina    
6:08 PM Popeye The Crystal Brawl    
6:17 PM Silent Service The Loss of Tang    
6:43 PM Ace Drummond 5 Bullets Of Sand    
7:09 PM Angel On My Shoulder 1946 69 The Devil sends a murdered gangster to Earth as a respected judge. Angel on My Shoulder (1946) on IMDb  
8:53 PM The Green Hornet Time Bomb 5    
9:16 PM Yankee Bucaneer 1952 62 Captain David Porter of the fledgling American Navy receives orders to masquerade as a privateer. Yankee Buccaneer (1952) on IMDb  
10:43 PM Raiders of Ghost City 05 The Fatal Lariat    
11:03 PM Rubber Racketeers 1942 64 A defense worker and his buddies bust a rubber racketeer stealing and selling rubber illegally.  Rubber Racketeers 
(1942) on IMDb

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