Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Ace Drummond 6 Evil Spirits    
12:20 AM Send for Paul Temple 1946 58 An amateur sleuth and a newspaper woman investigate a gang of diamond robbers. The Green Finger (1946) on IMDb  
1:44 AM Ramar of the Jungle The Hidden Treasure    
2:10 AM The Green Hornet Highways Of Peril 6    
2:32 AM Riding the Sunset Trail 1941 44 Thugs try to drive a young woman from her ranch.  Riding the Sunset Trail 
(1941) on IMDb
3:29 AM Lock Up Murder Is A Gamble    
3:56 AM Panthers Claw 1942 59 Byron Foulger stars in this extraordinary murder mystery puzzle.  The Panther's Claw 
(1942) on IMDb
5:07 AM Robin Hood Traitor    
5:32 AM Mr. Imperium 1951 50 An exiled king and a film star try to rekindle a romance from the past.  Mr. Imperium 
(1951) on IMDb  
6:59 AM Ricky Raccoon Shows the Way EDU    
7:16 AM The Haunted Mouth    
7:29 AM The Talking Car    
7:52 AM Tiny Tot Along Came A Duck    
8:01 AM ToonervileTrolley Trolley Ahoy    
8:08 AM Sharing Work at Home    
8:24 AM The Adventures of Champion Crossroad Trail    
8:51 AM Robin Hood To Be A Student    
9:19 AM Fury Joey and the Gypsies    
9:45 AM William Tell The Prisoner    
10:10 AM Our Gang Follies of 1938 Short Alfalfa abandons the show saying his crooning days are over, and that opera is his true calling.  Our Gang Follies of 1938 (1937) on IMDb
10:39 AM Youre out of Luck 1941 58 An elevator operator and a janitor team up to solve two murders that may be connected to an illegal gambling operation. You're Out of Luck (1941) on IMDb  
11:37 AM Life of Riley Gleason The Gambler    
12:00 PM Betty Boop A Hunting We Will Go    
12:08 PM Northwest Passage The Assassin    
12:39 PM Oh Susanna 1936 58 A bandit tosses Gene Autry off the train and assumes his identity, framing Gene for murder.  Oh, Susanna! 
(1936) on IMDb
1:32 PM Jack Benny Road To Nairobi    
1:59 PM The Playful Polar Bears    
2:10 PM The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock Hepsibah Story    
2:40 PM Spoilers of the North 1947 58 A salmon fisherman uses two women to help his business. Spoilers of the North (1947) on IMDb  
3:47 PM Korea The Big Picture Patrol In Probing Action    
4:18 PM Motive for Revenge 1935 54 A two time-loser is accused of a murder that he did not commit. Motive for Revenge (1935) on IMDb 5:18 PM Lone Ranger Return Of Convict 5:41 PM Alice In The Jungle 5:48 PM Univ Newsreel 061244 6:05 PM The Contender 1944 56 A trucker becomes a boxer to earn money for his son's tuition. {source} The Contender (1944) on IMDb  
7:08 PM Silent Service The Seadevil Attacks Puget Sound    
7:33 PM Ace Drummond 6 Evil Spirits    
8:00 PM Navy Blues 1929 68 A sailor on leave falls for a dance-hall girl.  Navy Blues 
(1929) on IMDb  
9:09 PM The Green Hornet Highways Of Peril 6    
9:35 PM Stagecoach War 1940 69 Hoppy is busy chasing stagecoach bandits who sing as they rob.  Stagecoach War (1940) on IMDb
10:35 PM Raiders of Ghost City 06 Water Rising    
10:55 PM The Riverside Murder 1935 59 A young detective weaves his way through danger and an intricate set of clues to catch the killer.   The Riverside Murder 
(1935) on IMDb

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