Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Ace Drummond 8 The Sign In The Sky    
12:21 AM Three Men From Texas 1940 70 A Texas Ranger and his sidekicks unite citizens against border crooks.  Three Men from Texas 
(1940) on IMDb
1:34 AM Peter Gunn Lets Kill Timothy    
2:00 AM Follow That Man Third Rail    
2:25 AM The Green Hornet Dead Or Alive 8    
2:43 AM Borrowed Wives 1930 36 Peter Foley has 24 hours to appear at his Uncle's Henry's mansion with his wife, or he loses a $800,000 inheritance.  Borrowed Wives 
(1930) on IMDb
3:46 AM Lights Out The Veil    
4:09 AM Rainbow Valley 1935 54 Undercover agent John Wayne has been assigned to protect the men building a road through rainbow valley   Rainbow Valley 
(1935) on IMDb
4:57 AM Follow That Man The Cube Root of Evil    
5:27 AM Alias John Law 1935 55 The ringleader of a gang impersonates a deputy in order to steal land. Alias John Law (1935) on IMDb  
6:17 AM Magnet Laboratory    
6:39 AM Assignment Spacelab    
6:56 AM Living in Space    
7:11 AM Hunky And Spunky The Barnyard Brat    
7:18 AM The Talking Magpies    
7:26 AM The Big Drip    
7:33 AM Dating Do's    
7:51 AM Howdy Doody Oct 2 1950    
8:15 AM Annie Oakley Renegades Return    
8:43 AM Robin Hood The Bushel lOf Apples    
9:10 AM The Ole Swimmin Hole 1940 62 Chris wants to become a veterinarian. But the cost of a college education is out of the question for his poor, hard-working mother. The Old Swimmin' Hole (1940) on IMDb
10:30 AM Ozzie and Harriet Halloween Party    
10:56 AM Bosko at the Beach    
11:04 AM Four Star Playhouse The Gun    
11:30 AM Keep em Flying    
11:44 AM Make a Million 1935 61 A college professor must earn $1 million to win back his job.  Make a Million 
(1935) on IMDb
12:50 PM Love that Bob 1958 04 01 Goes to the Moon    
1:20 PM Beverly Hillbillies Christmas At The Clampetts    
1:45 PM Betty Boop Grampy    
1:52 PM The Grill Sergeants Heart Healty Sweets    
2:26 PM Violated 1953 63 Psycho stalks the streets of Greenwich Village, killing and scalping his victims.  Violated 
(1953) on IMDb  
3:34 PM Dragnet The Big Bounce    
4:02 PM Lawless Years Tony Morelli Story 18    
4:31 PM Outlaws Paradise 1939 64 McCoy infiltrates a gang by posing as a crook.   Outlaws' Paradise 
(1939) on IMDb
5:25 PM Silent Service Peto Plucks Some Chickens    
5:54 PM Danger Man The Conspirator    
6:20 PM Ace Drummond 8 The Sign In The Sky    
6:46 PM Charlie Chan and the Shanghai Cobra 1945 67 Charlie Chan investigates a series of deaths by snake bite. The Shanghai Cobra (1945) on IMDb  
7:54 PM The Green Hornet Dead Or Alive 8    
8:14 PM So Evil My Love 1948 69 A con artist seduces a missionary's widow into joining his crooked schemes.  So Evil My Love 
(1948) on IMDb
10:03 PM Raiders of Ghost City 08 Death Laughs Last    
10:22 PM Katherine 1975 65 A young heiress rejects her pampered lifestyle and becomes a violent revolutionary.  Katherine 
(1975) on IMDb  

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