Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Shadow Chapter 01    
12:32 AM Against a Crooked Sky 1976 55 Charlotte Sutter is kidnapped by Apaches, her brother aided by an old drunk goes searching for her. Against a Crooked Sky (1975) on IMDb  
1:59 AM One Step Beyond Dead Mans Tale    
2:25 AM The Clutching Hand 1    
2:56 AM Last Woman On Earth 1960 48 A gangster, his wife and a lawyer have Earth to themselves. Last Woman on Earth (1960) on IMDb  
4:08 AM Martin Kane Jockey Murdered    
4:34 AM Death Scream The Deadly Trap 1971 55 The fear of the unknown...The agony of a kidnapped child...And the creeping dread of madness!  The Deadly Trap 
(1971) on IMDb
6:07 AM Decoy The Pilot Episode    
6:34 AM Zombies of the Stratosphere 02    
6:42 AM Roaring Roads 1935 61 The family of a wealthy young heir is appalled and worried when the fellow decides to amuse himself.  Roaring Roads</a></td>
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7:38 AM NASA Connect Dressed For Space    
8:07 AM Betty Boop Grampys Indoor Outing    
8:14 AM Tom & Jerry Pots & Pans    
8:20 AM Cubby Bear Cartoon    
8:33 AM The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock Ghost Town Story    
9:00 AM Robin Hood Trapped    
9:24 AM Cisco Kid Spanish Dagger    
9:51 AM Last of the Mohicans Scapegoat    
10:17 AM Annie Oakley 6 Of Spades    
10:45 AM 29 Acacia Avenue aka The Facts of Love 1945 67 While Mum and Dad are away on a holday cruise, teenage son Peter and daughter Joan stay home to chase romance and adventure. The Facts of Love (1945) on IMDb  
12:07 PM Burns And Allen Graice And Blanche Hire Gigolos    
12:29 PM Smart Salesman    
12:38 PM Martin Kane Murder In The Court    
1:11 PM The Hideout 1956 56 An insurance inspector gets tangled up in a deadly London smuggling racket.  The Hideout 
(1956) on IMDb  
2:06 PM Crossroads Sky Pilot of the Cumberlands    
2:32 PM Apples From Seedling to Market    
2:45 PM Lock Up The Case Of Nan Havens    
3:18 PM The Rampant Age 1930 57 When her boyfriend makes love to a party girl Doris decides to join the wild party group to make him jealous. The Rampant Age (1930) on IMDb  
4:19 PM The Star and The Story The Lie    
4:45 PM Small Fry    
4:58 PM Aerial Gunner 1943 56 A story of two men that fought each other, the enemy, and for the love of the same woman.  Aerial Gunner 
(1943) on IMDb
6:18 PM Battleground Battle of the Bulge X    
6:45 PM The Shadow Chapter 01    
7:24 PM You're Telling Me 1942 65 A nit-wit nephew gets a job with a big radio advertising company   You're Telling Me 
(1942) on IMDb
8:26 PM The Clutching Hand 1    
8:58 PM The Hellions 1961 73 The lashing slashing drama of The Hellions and the town they violated!  The Hellions (1961) on IMDb  
10:25 PM Dick Tracy Returns 01    
10:57 PM Tomorrow at Seven 1933 57 A crime novelist in search of the Black Ace killer in Chicago may become the next victim of the mysterious murderer.  Tomorrow at Seven 
(1933) on IMDb

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