Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Shadow Chapter 02    
12:20 AM Hoodlum Girls or Youth Aflame 1944 47 A young teen girl tries to get support for a 'milk-club' for peers while covering for her older sister who's got a crush on an older man with antisocial tendencies.    
1:18 AM Lock Up Red Confetti    
1:43 AM The Clutching Hand 2    
2:04 AM I Bury The Living 1958 62 A cemetery keeper thinks he can mark people for death.  I Bury the Living 
(1958) on IMDb
3:22 AM Sheriff of Coshise Relatives    
3:48 AM Hells Headquarters 1932 40 A search for a priceless cache of tusks results in murder in Africa.   Hell's Headquarters 
(1932) on IMDb
4:48 AM Fractured Flickers 07    
5:14 AM Sing Sing Nights 1934 46 A mystery emerges when a respected international war correspondant is found murdered with three bullet wounds.   Sing Sing Nights 
(1934) on IMDb
6:14 AM Human and Animal Beginnings EDU    
6:27 AM NASA EClips Sleeping Solar Sys Comets EDU    
6:44 AM Heckle & Jeckle Talking Maggpies    
6:51 AM Casper Spooking About Africa 1957    
6:59 AM Little LuLu Chick And Double Chick    
7:16 AM Robin Hood The Dream    
7:42 AM Last of the Mohicans Snake Tattoo    
8:08 AM Annie Oakley Gal for Grandma    
8:35 AM Buccaneers Gentleman Jack    
9:02 AM Three Husbands 1951 65 A recently deceased playboy gets to heaven and is granted one wish. Three Husbands (1950) on IMDb 10:20 AM The Lucy Show Lucy And Carol In Palm Springs 10:45 AM Sharpshooter 11:00 AM High School Caesar 1960 47 A small Midwestern school turns violent when an unscrupulous student uses gangland tactics on his classmates. {source} High School Caesar (1960) on IMDb
12:11 PM Password Jayne Meadows Steve Allen    
12:37 PM Tom And Jerry Joint Wipers    
12:44 PM Beverly Hillbillies Jeds Dilemma    
1:12 PM Sword of Venus 1953 44 The Count of Monte Cristo's son carries on in his father's footsteps by battling his family's enemies.  Sword of Venus 
(1953) on IMDb
2:26 PM Meet Corliss Archer Harrys Diet    
2:52 PM TexAvery 1949 House of Tomorrow    
2:59 PM Ramar of the Jungle The Bride of the Idol    
3:32 PM Ill Name The Murderer 1936 54 When a nightclub singer is murdered, a local gossip columnist begins his own investigation. I'll Name the Murderer (1936) on IMDb  
4:41 PM Mr.and Mrs. North These Latins    
5:10 PM Boston Blackie Inside Crime Woo Woo    
5:39 PM I Killed That Man 1941 59 A gang of criminals steal a super-weapon developed by a famous inventor.   I Killed That Man 
(1941) on IMDb
6:50 PM Dateline Europe The Code Room    
7:18 PM Assignment Underwater No Escape    
7:44 PM The Shadow Chapter 02    
8:11 PM Silver Spurs 1936 77 Janet Allison witnesses Art Holden and his gang hold up the Station Agent.   Silver Spurs 
(1936) on IMDb  
9:06 PM The Clutching Hand 2    
9:31 PM Remedy For Riches 1940 62 A fraudulent land speculator is trying to fleece the good people of River's End Remedy for Riches (1940) on IMDb  
10:37 PM Dick Tracy Returns 02    
10:57 PM Exposure 1932 63 A hot-shot newspaper reporter helps a young girl build a failing newspaper into a sensational tabloid.  Exposure 
(1932) on IMDb  

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