Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Shadow Chapter 06    
12:18 AM Wrecking Crew 1942 60 A wrecking crew worker seems to be jinxed and everyone around him is hurt or dies, until he meets his lucky charm.  Wrecking Crew 
(1942) on IMDb
1:29 AM Flash Gordon The Breath Of Death    
1:55 AM The Clutching Hand 6    
2:15 AM Hercules Against the Moon Men 1964 24 Hercules is summoned to defeat the mountain monsters that are oppressing the people of Samar Hercules Against the Moon Men (1964) on IMDb  
3:43 AM Range Rider Rustlers Range    
4:08 AM Tomorrow at Seven 1933 57 A crime novelist in search of the Black Ace killer in Chicago may become the next victim of the mysterious murderer.  Tomorrow at Seven 
(1933) on IMDb
5:10 AM Burns And Allen Gracie Thinks George Has Commited Suicide    
5:35 AM Jungle Drums of Africa 03    
5:48 AM Raiders of Old California 1957 62 A villainous cavalry officer is trying to force the owner of a hacienda to give him his land. Raiders of Old California (1957) on IMDb  
7:01 AM Newton in Space    
7:15 AM Optics Making Light Work    
7:40 AM Raggdy Ann    
7:50 AM Hunky And Spunky You Cant Shoe A Horse Fly    
8:01 AM Robin Hood Jongleur    
8:28 AM Gene Autry Show The Breakup    
9:01 AM Flying Wild 1941 62 Young men who work at an aviation factory begin to suspect that a doctor who runs an air ambulance service is secretly a spy   Flying Wild 
(1941) on IMDb  
10:03 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Practical Joker    
10:28 AM The Secret Storm    
10:49 AM Behind Stone Walls 1932 54 Life inside prison walls is anything but pleasant for one inmate. Behind Stone Walls (1932) on IMDb  
11:47 AM My Little Margie Whats Cooking    
12:14 PM Fin N Catty    
12:24 PM Andy Griffith Convicts at Large    
12:51 PM A Girl of the Limberlost 1934 68 The reconciliation between an embittered bereaved mother and the daughter she always blamed for her husband's demise.   A Girl of the Limberlost 
(1934) on IMDb
2:06 PM Love that Bob Collins the Crooner    
2:32 PM Betty Boop Minnie the Moocher    
2:43 PM The Grill Sergeants Low Fat    
3:19 PM T Men 1947 71 Two U.S. Treasury agents pose as mobsters to bust a counterfeiting ring.  T-Men (1947) on IMDb  
4:52 PM No Exceptions 1943WWII    
5:01 PM Little Red School Mouse    
5:10 PM Cash If I Were Rich 1933 60 A film about the used-to-be' wealthy, and their adventures in the new world of the Great Depression. For Love or Money (1933) on IMDb  
6:13 PM Don't Kill Your Friends    
6:27 PM The Shadow Chapter 06    
6:53 PM The Trespasser 1929 80 A pregnant woman leaves her husband at the request of her father-in-law.  The Trespasser 
(1929) on IMDb
8:25 PM The Clutching Hand 6    
8:48 PM Murder! 1930 64 A juror who had voted to convict a murder suspect tries to prove someone else did it before the execution date.   Murder! 
(1930) on IMDb  
10:20 PM Dick Tracy Returns 06    
10:39 PM Time Table 1956 71  An insurance investigator turns to robbery, then has to solve one of his own crimes.  Time Table 
(1956) on IMDb  

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