Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM King of the Carnival 01    
12:20 AM Island Captives 1937 35 The daughter of a murdered plantation owner is shipwrecked on a tropical island with assorted enemies. Island Captives (1937) on IMDb  
1:13 AM Tales Of Tomorrow Flight Overdue    
1:37 AM King of the Carnival 02    
1:51 AM Crash of the Moons 1954 31 Rocky Jones and crew take action when an impending celestial collision threatens two civilizations  Crash of Moons 
(1954) on IMDb  
3:03 AM Tales Of Tomorrow The Horn    
3:25 AM Dominique 1980 48 A millionaire who has recently lost his wife starts believing that he is being haunted by her spirit.   Dominique (1980) 
(2012) on IMDb  
5:02 AM Fractured Flickers 10    
5:28 AM The Lone Hand Texan 1947 50 The efforts of a nomad to save his friend's oilfield from destruction by identifying the leader of the gang trying to dominate the area. The Lone Hand Texan (1947) on IMDb  
6:22 AM Japanese Boy the Story of Taro    
6:41 AM Judy Learns About Milk EDU    
6:52 AM A Coach For Cinderella    
7:01 AM Popeye Ancient Fistory    
7:09 AM Robin Hood    
7:20 AM Robin Hood Haunted Mill    
7:46 AM A Song Of The Bird    
7:53 AM Terry And The Pirates Compound C3 Theft 09    
8:26 AM Cowboy G Men Sawdust Swindle    
8:52 AM Betty Boop Snow White    
8:59 AM The Gangs All Here 1941 67 A truck driver learns the firm he works for is engaged in a power struggle with another competing company. The Gang's All Here (1941) on IMDb  
10:01 AM Burns And Allen Gracie Tries To Marry Off Von Ziel    
10:26 AM Betty Boop Judge For A Day    
10:34 AM Beverly Hillbillies Meanwhile Back At The Cabin    
11:05 AM Tarzan and the Green Goddess 1938 51 Tarzan recounts his recent adventures in Guatemala.  Tarzan and the Green Goddess (1938) on IMDb  
12:13 PM Jack Benny Honey Mooners    
12:37 PM Betty Boop The Impractical Joker    
12:43 PM Sheriff of Coshise My Sons    
1:09 PM The Divorce of Lady X 1938 67 Trapped in London due to the fog, a lawyer grudgingly allows the use of his hotel sitting room by a stranded partygoer  The Divorce of Lady X 
(1938) on IMDb  
2:42 PM Meet Corliss Archer Fortune Teller    
3:15 PM Lock Up The Blood Red Ruby    
3:44 PM Escape by Night 1937 64 A group of criminals on the run hide out in an abandoned farmhouse.  Escape by Night 
(1937) on IMDb  
4:49 PM Martin Kane    
5:19 PM Univ Newsreel 061145    
5:27 PM Lawless Years Billy Grimes Story 01    
5:53 PM Candles at Nine 1944 61 To inherit a mansion and a fortune, a young girl must survive a month in a dark and spooky mansion with 6 greedy relatives.  Candles at Nine 
(1944) on IMDb  
7:17 PM King of the Carnival 01    
7:42 PM Things Are Looking Up 1935 76 Scatterbrain circus lady has to cover for her sour schoolmistress sister. Things Are Looking Up (1935) on IMDb  
9:00 PM King of the Carnival 02    
9:14 PM Return of the Whistler 1948 64 When a woman goes missing on the eve of her wedding, her fiancee hires a detective to track her down.   The Return of the Whistler 
(1948) on IMDb
10:18 PM King of the Carnival 03    
10:31 PM Horror Express 1972 66 A monster is found frozen in the bleak remoteness of Manchuria that is believed to be the "missing link" in anthropology  Horror Express (1972) on IMDb  

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