Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM The Shadow Chapter 10    
12:18 AM When a Mans a Man 1935 69 A penniless playboy from New York City heads to California with the last of his cash, but gets stuck in on an Arizona ranch that has no water for its cattle.  When a Man's a Man 
(1935) on IMDb  
1:24 AM One Step Beyond Where Are They    
1:49 AM The Clutching Hand 10    
2:11 AM Beginning of the End 1957 32 A reporter attempts to thwart the attack of giant radioactive grasshoppers.  Beginning of the End 
(1957) on IMDb  
3:25 AM Jack Benny How Jack Found Mary    
3:51 AM German Snipers 19 0 It tries to show the German soldiers superior intelligence and how they trained there men.  
5:00 AM Crossroads Paratrooper Padre    
5:25 AM Dixie Jamboree 1944 42 The last Mississippi showboat has a singer, a quack captain, crooks and two barrels of whiskey on board.  Dixie Jamboree 
(1944) on IMDb  
6:35 AM A Family of Amsterdam    
6:52 AM Youth on the Industrial Front EDU    
7:11 AM Tom and Jerry In the Bag    
7:19 AM Ding Dog Daddy    
7:28 AM Hunky And Spunky    
7:37 AM Daredevils of the Red Circle 01    
8:11 AM Fury The Choice    
8:36 AM Northwest Passage Break Out    
9:02 AM The New Adventures of Tarzan 01    
9:47 AM Come on Rangers 1938 63 Disbanded Texas Rangers are gathered together to help the U.S. Cavalry.  Come On, Rangers 
(1938) on IMDb  
10:45 AM The Peoples Choice Sock Gives Gus Away    
11:11 AM Air Force Stories 02 After the War    
11:33 AM Hong Kong Nights 1935 56 U.S. Customs undercover agents battle a gun runner in mysterious Macao and Hong Kong.  Hong Kong Nights 
(1935) on IMDb  
12:30 PM The Grill Sergeants Eggs    
12:54 PM Merrie Melodies The Early Bird Gets The Worm    
1:02 PM Petticoat Junction the Courtship of Floyd Smoot    
1:31 PM The Sheik Steps Out 1937 52 A wealthy sheik kidnaps and falls for a snobby socialite. The Sheik Steps Out (1937) on IMDb  
2:25 PM Beverly Hillbillies The Servants    
2:50 PM Sinkin' in the Bathtub    
3:01 PM Life of Riley Gleason Pegs Birthday    
3:31 PM The Last Alarm 1940 62 A veteran fireman heads up an arson squad searching for a dangerous pyromaniac who is intent on setting the city ablaze. The Last Alarm (1940) on IMDb  
4:25 PM Dr Fu ManchuThe Master Plan    
4:51 PM Roads to Romance 1    
4:57 PM Daffy Duck The Hen Pecked Duck    
5:10 PM Silent Service Seashark Story    
5:38 PM Inside the Law 1942 53 A gang of small-time crooks, get a big-time opportunity  Inside the Law 
(1942) on IMDb  
6:36 PM Battleground WWII D-Day Convoy    
6:57 PM The Shadow Chapter 10    
7:22 PM Mr. Denning Drives North 1952 69 When well-off aircraft designer Denning finds his daughter's current boyfriend is a nasty character he tries to buy him off  Mr. Denning Drives North 
(1951) on IMDb
8:50 PM The Clutching Hand 10    
9:16 PM Days Of Jesse James 1939 61 Bank officials set out to rob their own bank.  Days of Jesse James 
(1939) on IMDb  
10:10 PM Dick Tracy Returns 10    
10:29 PM The Adventures of Tartu 1943 68 A British spy sets out to sabotage a Nazi gas factory in Czechoslovakia.  The Adventures of Tartu 
(1943) on IMDb  

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