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12:00 AM King Of The Rocket Men 04    
12:12 AM Brothers of the West 1937 65 A detective investigates the truth behind a robbery and murder of a bank president.  Brothers of the West 
(1937) on IMDb  
1:09 AM King Of The Rocket Men 05    
1:22 AM Romance of the Limberlost 1938 72 Unless a miracle happens, Laurie will spend the rest of her life with a person she cannot stand so that her aunt can become rich.  Romance of the Limberlost 
(1938) on IMDb  
2:44 AM Turned Out Nice Again 1941 68 A domineering mother moves in with her son and his bride, then discovers her new daughter-in-law is a businesswoman.  Turned Out Nice Again 
(1941) on IMDb  
4:03 AM Woody Woodpecker Pantry Panic    
4:10 AM Kangaroo 1952 59 Two criminals ingratiate themselves with a rancher in order to swindle him.  Kangaroo 
(1952) on IMDb  
5:35 AM Felix the Cat Felix Saves the Day 1922    
5:48 AM Pack Up Your Troubles 1932 71 Two World War I veterans try help a comrade''s orphaned daughter find her family.  Pack Up Your Troubles</a></td>
<td style= 
6:53 AM A Cartune Portrait    
7:00 AM Potatoes Unlimited    
7:36 AM Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules 1961 51 The men from a small village are captured and enslaved by savage warriors who live in an underground city and The Son of Hercules must save them. Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules (1961) on IMDb
9:18 AM The Front Page 1931 69 A crusading newspaper editor tricks his retiring star reporter into covering one last case.  The Front Page 
(1931) on IMDb  
11:27 AM 0522 LOVE WORTH FINDING    
11:55 AM You're Driving 90 Horses    
12:19 PM Superman    
12:37 PM Jamaica Inn 1939 63 A young orphan discovers that her uncle is the head of a band of shipwreckers and bandits.  Jamaica Inn 
(1939) on IMDb  
2:18 PM Circus Capers    
2:26 PM Rough Road To Panama    
3:03 PM Charade 1963 80 A widow discovers that her late husband was in possession of stolen property, and his partner crooks want it back.  Charade 
(1963) on IMDb  
5:08 PM Tom Browns School Days 1940 66 A young boy faces adventure and hardships in a rowdy boarding school.  Tom Brown's School Days (1940) on IMDb  
6:35 PM Exiled to Shanghai 1937 59 Two newsreel camera-men invent a system that revolutionizes television news. Exiled to Shanghai (1937) on IMDb  
7:28 PM King Of The Rocket Men 04    
7:49 PM Charlie Chan Dangerous Money 1945 70 A treasury agent on the trail of counterfeit money confides to Charlie Chan, that there have been two attempts on his life.  Dangerous Money (1946) on IMDb  
8:57 PM King Of The Rocket Men 05    
9:12 PM The Woman in the Window 1944 78 A seductive woman gets an innocent professor mixed up in murder.  The Woman in the Window 
(1944) on IMDb  
10:52 PM King Of The Rocket Men 06    
11:06 PM Docks of San Francisco 1932 71 Belle gets deeply entangled with gangsters led by her boyfriend Vance.  Docks of San Francisco 
(1932) on IMDb  

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