Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 07    
12:17 AM The Day of the Triffids 1963 61 After meteors enter Earth's atmosphere, plantlike creatures emerge from the craters and begin to take over.   The Day of the Triffids 
(1963) on IMDb  
1:52 AM War In The Pacific Guadacanal Americas 1st Offensive    
2:18 AM Dick Tracy's G-men 07    
2:35 AM The Phantom 1931 43 A group of people are stalked by a masked killer in an old mansion. The Phantom (1931) on IMDb  
3:36 AM Lock Up With Malice Towards One    
4:00 AM Border Cabellero 1936 64 A government agent poses as a bandit to stop a gang along the Mexican border. Border Caballero (1936) on IMDb  
4:54 AM CGM SawdustSwindle    
5:21 AM Northwestern Bell in War    
5:36 AM Impact 1963 49  A reporter framed for a train robbery sets out to clear his name. Impact (1963) on IMDb   
6:35 AM History of Flight    
7:01 AM Newton in Space    
7:14 AM Gabby Goes Fishing    
7:28 AM Porkys Pooch    
7:41 AM Annie Oakley Valley Of The Shadow    
8:08 AM Hudsons Bay Crees    
8:34 AM The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock Savvy the Smart Little Dog    
9:00 AM Lone Ranger High Heels    
9:25 AM Bells of Coronado 1950 63 Roy is an insurance investigator looking into the theft of uranium ore.   Bells of Coronado 
(1950) on IMDb  
10:32 AM Ozzie and Harriet Treasurers Son    
11:07 AM Slaves in Bondage 1937 52 A gangster and a madam lure innocent women into a prostitution ring.   Slaves in Bondage 
(1937) on IMDb  
12:18 PM Beverly Hillbillies The Garden Party    
12:48 PM Passport To Danger Teheran 01    
1:15 PM The 6th Marine Divisionon Okinawa 1945 0 This film tells the story of the 82 days fighting on the Island of Okinawa.  
2:06 PM Life With Elizabeth 16    
2:32 PM Campus Capers    
2:38 PM Gang Busters Mendoro Case    
3:11 PM Song Of Arizona 1946 57 Roy is trying to help save Gabby's ranch for wayward boys.   Song of Arizona 
(1946) on IMDb  
4:04 PM Four Star Playhouse High Stakes    
4:29 PM Betty Boop Ker Choo    
4:38 PM RockyJones 03 SilverNeedleInTheSky    
5:07 PM The Jackie Robinson Story1950 63 The true story of the man who broke Major League Baseball's color barrier.  The Jackie Robinson Story 
(1950) on IMDb
6:24 PM Mr Lucky Aces Back to Back    
6:51 PM Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Texas Cowgirl    
7:18 PM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 07    
7:45 PM Interrupted Journey 1949 66 A novelist takes a train to start a new life with his wife, but when his train crashes, he finds that she was killed or murdered in the wreck.  The Interrupted Journey 
(1949) on IMDb
9:05 PM Dick Tracy's G-men 07    
9:25 PM Nanook of the North 1922 78 The documentary follows the lives of an Inuk, Nanook, and his family as they travel, search for food, and trade in northern Quebec, Canada.  Nanook of the North 
(1922) on IMDb  
10:44 PM The Green Archer 7    
11:03 PM I Can't Escape 1934 60 An ex-convict, unable to get a good job because of his prison record, gets mixed up in a phony stock scam. I Can't Escape (1934) on IMDb  

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