Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 08    
12:17 AM Death From a Distance 1935 55 A tough detective and a brassy female reporter lock horns as they both try to break a murder case.  Death from a Distance (1935) on IMDb  
1:28 AM One Step Beyond Vanishing Point    
1:53 AM Dick Tracy's G-men 08    
2:10 AM Rocky Jones Manhunt in Space 21 Rocky Jones, Space Ranger fights space pirates over an invisible spaceship. Manhunt in Space (1956) on IMDb  
3:24 AM Flash Gordon Race Against Time    
3:50 AM The Terror 1963 49 A mysterious criminal mastermind plots a gold robbery,and then set's up his gang to take the fall.  The Terror 
(1963) on IMDb  
5:10 AM Lock Up Girls Wanted    
5:34 AM Return of Chandu Misterious Magic 7    
5:51 AM Slander House 1938 44 The lives, loves and scandals of the women in a beauty treatment spa in 1938 New York City.  Slander House 
(1938) on IMDb  
6:57 AM NASA Connect Shapes of Flight    
7:32 AM Buccaneers Dan Temptest    
7:57 AM The Plow that Broke the Plains    
8:23 AM Boskos Congo Jazz    
8:30 AM Little Lulu Bored Of Education    
8:37 AM Mr Piper And Ahmed The Merchant    
8:44 AM Annie Oakley Amature Outlaws    
9:09 AM Ding Dong School    
9:39 AM Petticoat Junction Bedloe and Son    
10:12 AM Riders Of The Whistling Skull 1937 64 A creepy Western that showcases devil worshiping Indians, walking mummies and lots and lots of cowboys.   The Riders of the Whistling Skull 
(1937) on IMDb
11:05 AM Four Star Playhouse The House Always Wins    
11:37 AM Ozzie and Harriet Little Black Box    
12:05 PM Hollywood Mystery [Hoodlum] 1934 51 A PR man make's a gangster picture with a real gangster in the lead role!   Hollywood Hoodlum 
(1934) on IMDb  
12:59 PM Burns And Allen Uncle Clyde    
1:23 PM Bunker Hill Bunny    
1:31 PM Petticoat Junction A Millionaire for Kate    
2:03 PM Perils Of The Jungle 1953 52 A circus man presses his luck tracking big cats in the Belgian Congo.  Perils of the Jungle 
(1953) on IMDb  
3:05 PM I Led 3 Lives Caviar    
3:31 PM Porky Ali Baba Bound    
3:39 PM Lock Up The Drop    
4:06 PM Law of the West 1932 59 For revenge the outlaw Morgan steals the Carruthers young son.   Law of the West 
(1932) on IMDb  
5:01 PM Battleground WWI Tigers on the Loose    
5:27 PM Univ Newsreel 070945    
5:34 PM Dragnet The Big False Make    
6:08 PM Swing it Professor 1937 62 A music professor is fired from his job for not knowing enough about modern "swing" music.  Swing It Professor 
(1937) on IMDb  
7:08 PM Lawless Years Lucky Silva Story 15    
7:39 PM Silent Service The Silversides Story    
8:05 PM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 08    
8:26 PM Terror By Night 1946 69 Sherlock Holmes signs on to protect a priceless diamond from jewel thieves. Terror by Night (1946) on IMDb  
9:26 PM Dick Tracy's G-men 08    
9:46 PM Captured in Chinatown 1935 60 A feud between two gangs in Chinatown breaks out into a tong war.  Captured in Chinatown 
(1935) on IMDb  
10:39 PM The Green Archer 8    
11:04 PM Men of Action 1935 52 A villainous banker and his hired saboteurs attempt to thwart construction of Sweetwater Dam. Men of Action (1935) on IMDb  

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