Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 09    
12:17 AM Absolution 1978 64 A priest who teaches at a boys' school and finds one of his favourite students is playing a nasty practical joke on him.  Absolution 
(1978) on IMDb  
1:53 AM Lock Up Society Matron    
2:16 AM Dick Tracy's G-men 09    
2:35 AM Sarumba 1952 61 A runaway sailor helps a Brazilian dancer invent and perform a new Latin dance that blends a cock fight with the Rumba and Samba.  
3:35 AM Victory At Sea Killers And The Kill    
4:04 AM Broadway Jungle 1955 20 This is the one bad movie lovers have been waiting for even if they didn't know it. Phil "ROBOT MONSTER" Tucker's "expose" of slimy Hollywood circa 1955. Extremely crude and inept even by zero-budget independent production standards of the time  Broadway Jungle (1955) on IMDb  
5:06 AM War In The Pacific Pacific In Eruption    
5:33 AM Shadow of China Town The Noose 7    
5:58 AM The Jackals 1967 54 Bandits target a gold miner and his granddaughter in 19th century South Africa.   The Jackals 
(1967) on IMDb  
7:32 AM NASA Connect Breaking Barriers    
8:01 AM Potatoes Unlimited    
8:33 AM Porky Pig Boom Boom    
8:41 AM Super Man Secret Agent    
8:59 AM Annie Oakley Outlaw Brand    
9:26 AM Sergeant Preston Justice at Goneaway Creek    
9:52 AM Robin Hood The Frghtened Tailor    
10:17 AM Roy Rogers Show Lady Killer 38    
10:44 AM Judge Roy Bean The Fugitive    
11:10 AM Betty Boop Crazy Town    
11:18 AM The Grill Sergeants Asian    
11:51 AM The Limping Man 1953 59 A WWII veteran goes back to England after the war only to discover that his wartime sweetheart has got mixed up with a dangerous spy ring   The Limping Man 
(1953) on IMDb  
1:07 PM Ozzie and Harriet The Newlyweds Get Settled    
1:33 PM Molly Moo The Hunting Season    
1:39 PM My Friend Irma Irma Gets Engaged    
2:08 PM Red Blood of Courage 1935 52 An undercover Mountie saves a girl and her uncle from oil-land grabbers.  The Red Blood of Courage 
(1935) on IMDb
2:54 PM Victory At Sea Killers And The Kill    
3:21 PM Magic Mummy    
3:29 PM The Grill Sergeants Soul Food    
4:03 PM Manhattan Merry Go Round 1937 60 Manhattan mobster Tony Gordoni takes over a popular record label, gaining control of a number of famous singers and musicians.   Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 
(1937) on IMDb
5:30 PM Dragnet The Big Thief    
5:56 PM Univ Newsreel 122744    
6:04 PM Prunes and Politics 1944 48 Short Edgar Kennedy runs for the position of county supervisor and his opponent is his mother-in-law Dot Farley. Prunes and Politics (1944) on IMDb  
6:20 PM Telephone Time Alice's Wedding Gown    
6:47 PM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 09    
7:11 PM McLintock 1963 70 A cattle baron fights to tame the West and his estranged wife.  McLintock! 
(1963) on IMDb  
9:20 PM Dick Tracy's G-men 09    
9:38 PM The Black Widow 1951 65 A woman and her lover plan the second death of her husband after their first attempt fails.  The Black Widow 
(1950) on IMDb  
10:28 PM The Green Archer 9    
10:49 PM Murder On the Campus 1933 58 A series of gruesome murders are committed at a small college and a hard-boiled reporter tries to track down the killer.  Murder on the Campus (1933) on IMDb  

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