Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 13    
12:17 AM Pardon Us 1931 69 The boys are sent to prison after selling bootleg beer to a cop  Pardon Us (1931) on IMDb  
1:25 AM Silent Service Harder at Woleai    
1:51 AM Dick Tracy's G-men 13    
2:08 AM Convicted 1931 42 A producer of Broadway plays, is murdered. Claire Norvelle is accused of the killing.  Convicted 
(1931) on IMDb  
3:06 AM Demon Street The Black Hand    
3:30 AM Mad Monster 1942 30 A mad scientist's experiments turn an innocent man into a nocturnal killer.  The Mad Monster 
(1942) on IMDb
4:47 AM War In The Pacific Attack In The Central Pacific    
5:13 AM The Lost Planet 03    
5:31 AM Bees In Paradise 1944 44 A ferry pilot and his crew make a forced landing on an island in the South Atlantic   Bees in Paradise 
(1944) on IMDb
6:44 AM Great American Chocolate Factory    
7:13 AM Ride for Cinderella 1937    
7:24 AM Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp    
7:33 AM Sultan Pepper    
7:45 AM Gabby Hays Show Jumpin Jack    
8:12 AM CGM MysteriousDecoy    
8:38 AM Robin Hood The Bride Of Robin    
9:01 AM Petticoat Junction Behind All Silver is a Cloud Lining    
9:29 AM Flying Fists 1937 48  A pugilist fights for the love of the woman who disdains him and his chosen profession.  Flying Fists 
(1937) on IMDb  
10:28 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Loan    
10:53 AM Pigs In A Polka    
11:01 AM Love Of Life    
11:23 AM The Medicine Man 1930 50 The son and daughter of an abusive shopkeeper turn to a medicine show salesman for help.  The Medicine Man 
(1930) on IMDb
12:29 PM Trouble with Father Thank You Mr Jarvis    
12:54 PM Summer TIme    
1:03 PM Decoy NightLight    
1:33 PM The Young In Heart 1938 72 A family of con artists saves the life of a wealthy old woman and plots to fleece her. The Young in Heart (1938) on IMDb  
3:05 PM Quatermass II Episode 6    
3:38 PM Betty Boop Song A Day    
3:46 PM Lawless Years Four the Hard Way 17    
4:21 PM Timetable 1956 71 An insurance investigator turns to robbery, then has to solve one of his own crimes.  Time Table 
(1956) on IMDb  
5:42 PM Silent Service The Swordfish Story    
6:12 PM No Hiding Place Operation Tiptoe    
7:04 PM Dick Tracy vs Crime Inc 13    
7:28 PM Where Theres A Will 1936 65 A solicitor becomes party to a bank robbery.  Where There's a Will 
(1936) on IMDb
8:47 PM Dick Tracy's G-men 13    
9:06 PM The Last Man on Earth 1964 69C A deadly virus turns most of the world's population into blood-drinking ghouls.  The Last Man on Earth 
(1964) on IMDb
10:33 PM The Green Archer 13    
10:53 PM Number Seventeen 1932 59 In an empty London house, a hobo named Ben looks for shelter yet instead finds a corpse.  Number 17 
(1932) on IMDb  

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