Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM The Painted Stallion  7-1    
12:17 AM The Girl in the News 1940E 67 A nurse with a dark past finds herself being held responsible for the death of her employer.  Girl in the News 
(1940) on IMDb  
1:31 AM One Step Beyond The Devils Laughter    
1:56 AM The Painted Stallion 8-1    
2:13 AM Wanted by the Police 1938 46 A young boy fresh out of high school gets his first job working on cars.Trouble begins when he discovers that the cars are stolen. Wanted by the Police (1938) on IMDb  
3:11 AM Range Rider Border City Affair    
3:37 AM Robot Monster 1953 28 The Robot Monster has been sent to Earth as the advance party of an impending invasion.  Robot Monster 
(1953) on IMDb  
4:40 AM Burns And Allen Gorgie Jessel And The Cigarette Girl    
5:06 AM The Snow Creature 1954 28 A botanist  finds the Abominable Snowman of Tibet and ships him to Hollywood.  The Snow Creature 
(1954) on IMDb  
6:17 AM Play with Fire! Safety Film    
6:28 AM Pioneers of the Plains    
6:39 AM TexAvery 1945 Wild and Woolfy    
6:48 AM Todd Growing up in Appalachia    
7:01 AM Little LuLu Cad & Candy    
7:09 AM Comin Round The Mountain    
7:26 AM Robin Hood Coming Of Robinhood    
7:53 AM Battling Bosko 1931    
8:00 AM Northwest Territory The Deserter    
8:27 AM Felix the Cat Felix Turns the Tide    
8:36 AM Lone Ranger Finders Keepers    
8:59 AM The Smallest Show on Earth 1957 69 A struggling writer and his wife find themselves the owners of a cinema in a small town through an inheritance.   Big Time Operators 
(1957) on IMDb  
10:20 AM Andy Griffith Rivals    
10:47 AM Mother Gooze    
11:03 AM Crimson Romance 1934 65 Two best friends who are ace airplane pilots may be forced to fight each other when the War to End Wars begins. Crimson Romance (1934) on IMDb  
12:02 PM Judge Roy Bean Black Jack    
12:28 PM The Ducktators    
12:37 PM Manhattan Merry Go Round 1937 60 Manhattan mobster Tony Gordoni takes over a popular record label, gaining control of a number of famous singers and musicians.   Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 
(1937) on IMDb
2:04 PM Emergency Ward 2    
2:30 PM Betty Boop and the Old Man of the Mountain    
2:37 PM Dangerous Assignment The Paris Sewer Story    
3:08 PM For You I Die 1947 60 A young trustee is forced to participate in a prison break by one of the hardened criminals.  For You I Die 
(1947) on IMDb  
4:24 PM Hancock 08 Train Journey    
4:53 PM Porky Porky's Cafe    
5:00 PM Univ Newsreel 053156    
5:07 PM Court Of Last Resort The John Smith Case    
5:32 PM Look Up and Laugh 1935 74 A London woman leads stall keepers opposed to a chain store.  Look Up and Laugh 
(1935) on IMDb  
6:48 PM Battleground WWII We All Came Home    
7:17 PM Univ Newsreel 070846    
7:24 PM Telephone Time Man with a Beard    
7:50 PM The Painted Stallion  7-1    
8:12 PM Land of Hunted Men 1943 71 The Range Busters arrive to see if they can find out who has been robbing the stage of the mine payrolls. Land of Hunted Men (1943) on IMDb  
9:13 PM The Painted Stallion 8-1    
9:30 PM Amazing Mr X 1948 66  A widow questions her sanity after hearing the voice of her dead husband.  The Amazing Mr. X (1948) on IMDb  
10:49 PM The Painted Stallion The Fatal Message 9    
11:06 PM Exiled to Shanghai 1937 59 Two newsreel camera-men invent a system that revolutionizes television news. Exiled to Shanghai (1937) on IMDb  

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