Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM The Lost Planet 05    
12:16 AM Sweepstake Annie 1935 62 A young woman buys a sweepstakes ticket that turns out to be a winner. Her stroke of luck changes her life.  Sweepstake Annie 
(1935) on IMDb  
1:30 AM One Step Beyond Ordeal on Locust Street    
1:55 AM The Monster and the Ape 05    
2:15 AM White Zombie 1932 64 A zombie master menaces newlyweds on a Haitian plantation.  White Zombie 
(1932) on IMDb  
3:21 AM Racket Squad Sales Value    
3:48 AM Worldly Goods 1930 48 Cops are hot on the trail, of gangsters hiding out at a ladys home, trapping her and her daughter into a deadly dangerous position.  Worldly Goods 
(1930) on IMDb  
4:52 AM One Step Beyond Tonight at 12.17    
5:18 AM Grist Miller    
5:35 AM Prairie Pals 1942 61 Three prairie pals bust up a gangster plot to make synthetic gold   Prairie Pals 
(1942) on IMDb  
6:34 AM Living in Space    
6:50 AM Machines EDU    
7:00 AM Two Wheeled Wisdom EDU    
7:11 AM Popeye I Dont Scare    
7:23 AM Aesops Fables In Dutch    
7:35 AM Gabby Hays Show Mountain Goat    
8:02 AM William Tell The Hostages    
8:28 AM Cisco Kid Confession For Money    
8:54 AM Petticoat Junction Last Chance Farm    
9:22 AM Next of Kin 1942 68 A wartime message warns civilians to be quiet about where loved ones are stationed.  The Next of Kin 
(1942) on IMDb  
10:39 AM Meet Corliss Archer Janet Goes To College    
11:06 AM The Valiant Tailor    
11:15 AM Topper's Spring Cleaning    
11:37 AM Daffy Duck Scrap Happy Daffy    
11:51 AM Bulldog Drummonds Secret Police 1939 62 Drummond  gets involved in a murder mystery and a hidden treasure.  Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police 
(1939) on IMDb
12:46 PM Duffy's Tavern Archie Sells the Tavern    
1:13 PM Superman Eleventh Hour    
1:21 PM Lawless Years Al Brown Story 07    
1:52 PM Payoff 1942 59 A crime fighting newspaperman works with the police to solve a case involving $100k and some murders. The Pay Off (1942) on IMDb  
3:05 PM Have Gun Will Travel E10    
3:31 PM Doggone Tired    
3:39 PM Univ Newsreel 040556    
3:52 PM Battleground WWI Operation Dragoon    
4:19 PM The Capture 1950 62 A badly injured fugitive explains to a priest how he came to be in his present predicament.  The Capture 
(1950) on IMDb  
5:50 PM Quatermass And The Pit Episode 4    
6:29 PM Victory At Sea Suicide For Glory    
6:56 PM The Lost Planet 05    
7:17 PM Charlie Chan in Shanghai 1935 71 The Chinese detective and his No. 1 son bust an opium ring in China.  Charlie Chan in Shanghai 
(1935) on IMDb
8:35 PM The Monster and the Ape 05    
8:56 PM Happy Go Lovely 1951 62 A chorus girl becomes a star when gossip links her with a millionaire she's never met.  Happy Go Lovely 
(1951) on IMDb  
10:34 PM Shadow of China Town The Sinister Ray 5    
10:54 PM Shadows Over Shanghai 1938 58 A pilot carrying a valuable amulet is shot down over China by a ruthless Russian agent.  Shadows Over Shanghai</a></td>
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