Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Robinson Crusoe Into the Enemys Camp 4    
12:16 AM Wings of Adventure 1930 54 An Army pilot and his mechanic are captured by banditos when their plane strays into Mexico. Wings of Adventure (1930) on IMDb  
1:08 AM Colonel March of Scotland Yard The Sorcerer    
1:33 AM Riders of Death Valley Flaming Fury 4    
1:52 AM The Eye Creatures 1965 20 An invasion of an unnamed American countryside by a flying saucer and its silent, shambling alien occupants.  Attack of the Eye Creatures 
(1965) on IMDb
3:13 AM Range Rider Hideout    
3:38 AM The Brain Eaters 1958 39 Evil parasites from the earth's core ,invade the brains of the intellectual elite and misguide them to create a higher order to fit their needs.  The Brain Eaters 
(1958) on IMDb  
4:39 AM Sheriff of Coshise Lynching Party    
5:06 AM Electric Eel    
5:18 AM Children of the Wild 1939 38 Captioned A pack of dogs attempt to survive living in the Rocky Mountain wilderness.  Fangs of the Wild (1939) on IMDb  
6:24 AM Case of the Electrical Mystery    
7:21 AM Little Dutch Mill    
7:36 AM Little Audery Song Of The Birds    
7:47 AM Annie Oakley Dudes Decision    
8:14 AM Robin Hood The Christmas Goose    
8:39 AM Flash Gordon Doom Of The Dictator    
9:03 AM Outer Gate 1937 54 The Outer Gate is an arresting crime drama filled with grudges and evil intent.   The Outer Gate 
(1937) on IMDb  
10:07 AM Ozzie and Harriet Ten For The Tigers    
10:33 AM Pleased To Eat You    
10:40 AM Mr Ed Wilbur Gets The Message    
11:05 AM Midnight Manhunt 1945 54 Two reporters search for a missing body in a wax museum. Midnight Manhunt (1945) on IMDb  
12:08 PM Beverly Hillbillies Jed Rescues Pearl    
12:33 PM I Wish I Had Wings    
12:40 PM Petticoat Junction The Art Game    
1:09 PM Forgotten Women 1931 56 The film follows the lives and romantic entanglements of three women who frequent a bar. Forgotten Women (1931) on IMDb  
2:15 PM The Grill Sergeants Soup    
2:36 PM Betty Boop Little Nobody    
2:43 PM Andy Griffith Dogs Dogs Dogs    
3:13 PM The Lone Hand Texan 1947 50 The efforts of a nomad to save his friend's oilfield from destruction by identifying the leader of the gang trying to dominate the area. The Lone Hand Texan (1947) on IMDb  
4:07 PM Ramar of the Jungle White Mans Magic    
4:33 PM Univ Newsreel 060644    
4:53 PM Passport To Danger Rome 09    
5:19 PM Robinson Crusoe Into the Enemys Camp 4    
5:43 PM Cross Streets 1940 58 A man falls in love with a young woman, only to discover that she's the daughter of an ex-girlfriend who jilted him  Cross Streets 
(1934) on IMDb  
6:48 PM Topper's Conterfeiters    
7:10 PM Univ Newsreel 032645    
7:18 PM Silent Service The Unsuccessful Patrol    
7:44 PM Riders of Death Valley Flaming Fury 4    
8:06 PM 365 Nights in Hollywood 1934 63 Down-on-his-luck film director Jimmie Dale takes a job at a fly-by-night acting school.      Stick to Your Guns 
(1941) on IMDb  
9:34 PM Girl from Nowhere 1931 53 A young couple pose as criminals in order to get the goods on their crooked bosses.  A Private Scandal 
(1931) on IMDb  
10:42 PM Mysterious Doctor Satan 04    
11:01 PM Phantom of 42nd Street 1945 50 A theatre critic teams up with a cop to investigate the murder of a Broadway actor. The Phantom of 42nd Street (1945) on IMDb  

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