Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Radar Men From The Moon Planned Pursuit 11    
12:14 AM The Fat Man 1951 63 A private eye looks for the motive for killing a seemingly innocent dentist.  The Fat Man 
(1951) on IMDb  
1:33 AM Radar Men From The Moon Death of the Moon Man 12    
1:47 AM Looking on the Bright Side 1932 58 A British manicurist loves a songwriter/hairdresser who loves someone else.  Looking on the Bright Side 
(1932) on IMDb
3:06 AM Super Chicken Wild Ralph Hiccup    
3:13 AM Blanche Fury 1948 68 Penniless governess Blanche Fullerton takes a job at the estate of her rich relations, the Fury family.  Blanche Fury 
(1948) on IMDb  
4:44 AM Felix the Cat Felix the Ghost Breaker 1923    
4:51 AM The Southerner 1945 74 The life of the poor Tucker family, that worked as cotton pluggers and decided to get their own ground, but nature is against them.  The Southerner (1945) on IMDb  
6:24 AM The Might Makes Right    
6:38 AM The Falcon Takes Over 1942 64 A society sleuth and a lady reporter try to track down a murderous thug's lost girlfriend.   The Falcon Takes Over 
(1942) on IMDb  
7:40 AM The Pet Shop    
7:55 AM The Seaport    
8:11 AM The Tree's Knees    
8:20 AM Gambling Sex 1932 58 A wealthy young socialite gets the gambling bug, and soon it goes from being just a fun pastime to an addiction  Gambling Sex 
(1932) on IMDb  
9:19 AM Betty Boop Little King    
9:27 AM Revolt of the Barbarians 1964 66 The  Prince of Dacio is taken captive by the Romans and forced to become a gladiator. Revolt of the Barbarians (1964) on IMDb  
10:49 AM Newspaper Behind the Scenes    
11:33 AM 0710 LOVE WORTH FINDING    
12:07 PM Everythings Ducky 1934 Short Bobby Clark and Paul McCullough take to the streets as pots and pans salesmen, wreaking havoc door to door with their demonstrations of their cookware .   Everything's Ducky 
(1934) on IMDb  
12:29 PM The Queen of Hearts    
12:41 PM His Double Life 1933 64 A famous but reclusive artist fakes his own death and starts over again posing as a butler.   His Double Life (1933) on IMDb  
1:50 PM Food and Magic    
2:04 PM Univ Newsreel 081555    
2:20 PM Johnny Nobody 1961 75 A man claiming to have amnesia gets away with murder when he kills a famous author.   Johnny Nobody 
(1961) on IMDb  
3:50 PM Univ Newsreel 032044    
4:00 PM Make A Wish 1937 57 A boy attends summer camp in Maine and plays cupid for his mother and an opera composer.  Make a Wish 
(1937) on IMDb  
5:16 PM Radar Men From The Moon Planned Pursuit 11    
5:33 PM Angel and the Badman 1947 67 When a Quaker girl nurses a notorious gunman back to health, he tries to adopt her peaceful ways. Angel and the Badman (1947) on IMDb  
7:13 PM Radar Men From The Moon Death of the Moon Man 12    
7:31 PM No Man of Her Own 1950 75 An unwed mother (Barbara Stanwyck) assumes a dead bride's identity and moves in with her rich in-laws.  No Man of Her Own 
(1950) on IMDb  
9:14 PM Buckskin Empire 1943 65 A railroad man and the owner of a freight line battle for control of a crucial mountain pass. Buckskin Frontier (1943) on IMDb  
10:31 PM Radar Patrol Vs Spy King 01    
10:54 PM Cross Streets 1940 58 A man falls in love with a young woman, only to discover that she's the daughter of an ex-girlfriend who jilted him  Cross Streets 
(1934) on IMDb  

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