Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Robinson Crusoe The Jaws of the Beast 8    
12:15 AM Impulse 1954 65 An American realtor living in England is dissatisfied with what he believes to be his humdrum life.  Impulse 
(1954) on IMDb  
1:33 AM Colonel March of Scotland At Night All Cats Are Gray    
1:58 AM Riders of Death Valley Descending Doom 8    
2:18 AM Brand of the Devil 1944 48 Texas Rangers bust up a cattle rustling ring that leaves cards bearing a devilish pitchfork to announce its presence. Brand of the Devil (1944) on IMDb  
3:16 AM Air Force Stories 12 Global Operations    
3:29 AM Sound Of Horror 1964 48 An invisible prehistoric monster attacks geologists in an isolated cavern.   Sound of Horror 
(1966) on IMDb  
4:59 AM Ramar Of The Jungle White Savages    
5:26 AM King of the Texas Rangers 03    
5:45 AM Sheriff of Sage Valley 1942 62 Billy tries his hand at law enforcement.  Sheriff of Sage Valley 
(1942) on IMDb  
6:38 AM Algebra Mirror Mirror on the Universe    
7:07 AM ToonervileTrolley Toonerville Picnic    
7:15 AM Food Getting Among Animals EDU    
7:27 AM Molly Moo Cow And The Indians    
7:36 AM A Day of Thanksgiving    
7:48 AM Wacky & Packy Lets Make A Bundle    
8:00 AM Roy Rogers Show Horse Crazy 44    
8:27 AM William Tell The Manhunt    
8:53 AM Annie Oakley Helps a Drifter    
9:20 AM Robin Hood Devil That You Dont Know    
9:45 AM Superman Stamp day for Children    
10:06 AM Colossus and the Headhunters 1963 17 Maciste and his people flee their volcano-ravaged island. They end up caught in between two warring tribes.   Colossus and the Headhunters 
(1963) on IMDb
11:26 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Fall Guy    
11:51 AM Cinderella Blues    
12:00 PM Topper Reducing    
12:32 PM The Joe Lewis Story 1953 58 In this biography, champion boxer Joe Louis fights to make a name for himself.  The Joe Louis Story (1953) on IMDb  
2:00 PM My Little Margie The Hawaii Story    
2:27 PM Porky Get Rich Quick Porky    
2:35 PM News Reel Magazine 6    
2:58 PM The Lucy Show Lucys Substitute Secretary    
3:27 PM Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 1939 73 An illusionist helps the Chinese detective find a killer blackmailer at a San Francisco fair.  Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 
(1939) on IMDb
4:42 PM Life of Riley Gleason Riley Gillis and Vanderhopper    
5:08 PM Follow that Man Murder Mountain    
5:34 PM Robinson Crusoe The Jaws of the Beast 8    
5:57 PM They Made Me A Killer 1946 64 A fugitive receives help from a victim's sister as he tries to clear his name of robbery and murder charges.  They Made Me a Killer 
(1946) on IMDb  
7:02 PM Sherlock Holmes The Mother Hubbard Case    
7:28 PM Univ Newsreel 063044    
7:35 PM Screen Directors Playhouse Rookie of the Year    
7:59 PM Riders of Death Valley Descending Doom 8    
8:26 PM Twilight on the Trail 1941 70 Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and his partners (Brad King, Andy Clyde) get the drop on a ranch foreman working with rustlers.  Twilight on the Trail 
(1941) on IMDb  
9:26 PM Charlie Chan Carries On 1931 77 Charlie steps in to solve the murder of a wealthy American found dead in a London hotel.   Charlie Chan Carries On 
(1931) on IMDb  
10:46 PM Mysterious Doctor Satan 08    
11:06 PM In Old Cheyenne 1941 68 Roy is a newspaper reporter. He goes to Cheyenne to cover the activities of supposed bad guy Arapahoe Brown.  In Old Cheyenne 
(1931) on IMDb  

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