Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Hop Harrigan 11    
12:19 AM They Met in the Dark 1943 63 A naval commander tries to find the beautiful spy who tricked him into revealing secrets.  They Met in the Dark 
(1943) on IMDb  
1:50 AM Richard Diamond Juvenile Jacket    
2:16 AM The Lone Ranger 11 The Silver Bullet    
2:33 AM Last Woman On Earth 1960 48 A gangster, his wife and a lawyer have Earth to themselves. Last Woman on Earth (1960) on IMDb  
3:46 AM One Step Beyond Forked Lightning    
4:12 AM Attack Of The Giant Leeches 1959 31 A bartender sends his wife and her lover into a swamp where large smart leeches lurk.  Attack of the Giant Leeches 
(1959) on IMDb
5:15 AM Lock up 8    
5:44 AM Roll Along Cowboy 1937 57 Our hero reports for work at the ranch of middle-aged Ruth Robinson, only to find that she's being threatened by outlaws.  Roll Along, Cowboy (1937) on IMDb  
6:39 AM I Like Bikes EDU    
6:53 AM Three Stooges Hairbrained Barbers    
7:00 AM NASA Comp 3    
7:12 AM Popeye Nearlyweds    
7:19 AM Poultry on the Farm    
7:30 AM Hansel & Grettel    
7:46 AM Northwest Passage Death Rides the Wind    
8:12 AM Robin Hood The Doctor    
8:37 AM Roy Rogers Show Bullets and a Burro 53    
9:04 AM Buccaneers Tempest And Amazons    
9:30 AM William Tell The Spider    
9:56 AM Long John Silver The Necklace    
10:31 AM Earthworm Tractors 1936 64 At the urging of his ambitious girlfriend, a salesman starts hawking tractors.  Earthworm Tractors 
(1936) on IMDb  
11:40 AM Ozzie and Harriet Remembering Christmas    
12:10 PM Spills and Thrills Sports Parade    
12:22 PM The White Warrior 1961 51 A tribal chief rebels against the cruel reign of Akmet Khan. The White Warrior (1959) on IMDb  
1:48 PM The Lucy Show Barbershop Quartet    
2:13 PM TexAvery 1944 Happy Go Nutty    
2:21 PM The Lawless Years The Jane Cooper Story    
2:55 PM A Girl Must Live 1939 65 Two gold-digging chorus girls and a shy one pursue a handsome nobleman. A Girl Must Live (1939) on IMDb  
4:24 PM Flash Gordon The Brain Machine    
4:52 PM Betty Boop Training Pigeon    
5:00 PM Hop Harrigan 11    
5:21 PM Swamp Fire 1946 62 A rattled Navy veteran returns to work as a bayou pilot on the foggy Mississippi.  Swamp Fire 
(1946) on IMDb  
6:31 PM The Invisible Man Jailbreak    
6:59 PM Dragnet The Big Little Jesus    
7:27 PM The Lone Ranger 11 The Silver Bullet    
7:51 PM And Then There Were None 1945 77 Guests at a remote island mansion realize a crazed killer is stalking them.  And Then There Were None 
(1945) on IMDb
9:33 PM Three of a Kind 1936 58 A truck driver and a gold-digger meet at a swank hotel and both think the other is wealthy.   Three of a Kind 
(1936) on IMDb  
10:46 PM Manhunt of Mystery Island 11    
11:03 PM Drift Fence 1936 63 A tale of a city dude that has trouble taking over his ranch. Drift Fence (1936) on IMDb  

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