Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Hop Harrigan 12    
12:19 AM A Walking Nightmare 1942 53 A reckless sleuth follows the trail of a white zombie.   The Living Ghost 
(1942) on IMDb
1:20 AM Dr Fu ManchuThe Golden God    
1:47 AM The Lone Ranger 12 Escape    
2:05 AM Meet Sexton Blake 1945 56 Famous detective Sexton Blake chases spies around London in search of a secret formula.  Meet Sexton Blake 
(1945) on IMDb
3:25 AM Flash Gordon Forbidden Experiment    
3:52 AM Night Fright 1967 22 Outer space cosmic rays create a monster that kills teens that venture into the woods.   Night Fright 
(1967) on IMDb  
5:08 AM Crossroads Lifeline    
5:36 AM Sky Bandits 1940 52 Gangsters force a scientist to create an electric radio beam gun that shoots down airplanes loaded with gold. Sky Bandits (1940) on IMDb  
6:33 AM Case of the Biological Biosphere    
7:33 AM Tom & Jerry Pencil Mania    
7:40 AM Cobweb Hotel    
7:54 AM Watch Mr Wizard How Animals Move    
8:23 AM UltraMan 17    
8:49 AM Ramar of the Jungle The Flaming Mountain    
9:15 AM Topper Goes to School    
9:43 AM The Clairvoyant 1935 67 A fake psychic suddenly turns into the real thing when he meets a young beauty.  The Clairvoyant 
(1935) on IMDb
10:53 AM Ozzie and Harriet Ricky The Drummer    
11:19 AM Aesops Yodeling Yokels    
11:26 AM Dragnet The Big Producer    
11:57 AM Mr. Robinson Crusoe 1932 59 A playboy yachtsman makes an island paradise with his bare hands, to win a bet.  Mr. Robinson Crusoe 
(1932) on IMDb
1:09 PM The Lucy Show Viv Visits Lucy    
1:31 PM Pagan Moon    
1:38 PM Racket Squad the Matchmaker    
2:04 PM Silent Dust 1949 71 A man constructs a memorial to his deceased war-hero son, only to discover his son is alive and a deserter.  Silent Dust 
(1949) on IMDb  
3:23 PM Duffy's Tavern Grand Opening    
3:49 PM Car Tune Portrait    
3:57 PM Sherlock Holmes Case Of The Blind Mans Bluff    
4:24 PM Hop Harrigan 12    
4:50 PM Ghost Parade 1931 42 A house full of people are convinced that their house is haunted by an ancestor.  Ghost Parade 
(1931) on IMDb
5:08 PM Make Room for Daddy 1955 09 20    
5:33 PM Univ Newsreel 042645    
5:41 PM Dragnet The Big Oskar    
6:07 PM The Lone Ranger 12 Escape    
6:27 PM Curtain at Eight 1933 71 An elderly detective sets out to find who murdered a stage actor.  Curtain at Eight (1933) on IMDb  
7:28 PM Richard Diamond Lost Testament    
7:55 PM Danger Man The Blue Veil    
8:29 PM Stop Press Girl 1949 62 A young country girl has the strange powers to stop all mechanical machinery.  Stop Press Girl (1949) on IMDb  
9:46 PM Manhunt of Mystery Island 12    
10:02 PM Diabolique WS 1955 83 The wife of a cruel headmaster and his mistress conspire to kill him Diabolique (1955) on IMDb  

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