Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Mysterious Doctor Satan 01    
12:30 AM Philo Vance Returns 1947 60 An urbane sleuth (William Wright) nips trust-fund foul play with a theatrical manager (Leon Belasco).   Philo Vance Returns 
(1947) on IMDb  
1:34 AM One Step Beyond Doomsday    
2:00 AM Sea Raiders  The Raiders Strike Again 4    
2:22 AM Strangers of the Evening 1932 48 Some mysterious happenings are going on at the city morgue after a man's body disappears.  Strangers of the Evening 
(1932) on IMDb  
3:28 AM War In The Pacific Stepping Stones    
3:55 AM Singing Cowgirl 1939 58 A rancher uncovers a plot by a corrupt government official to steal her neighbor's gold-rich land.  The Singing Cowgirl 
(1938) on IMDb  
4:52 AM One Step Beyond Where Are They    
5:20 AM Santa Fe Trail 1940 61 Romantic rivals get caught in the battle to stop abolitionist John Brown.  Santa Fe Trail 
(1940) on IMDb  
7:12 AM Popeye Me Feelins Is Hurt    
7:18 AM Ahead Above the Clouds    
7:48 AM Greedy Humpty Dumpty    
7:55 AM Corvair in Action    
8:02 AM Molly Moo Cow Robinson Crusoe    
8:15 AM Gene Autry Show The Doodle Bug    
8:44 AM Robin Hood Quickness Of The Hand    
9:10 AM Flash Gordon The Claim Jumpers    
9:36 AM Lone Ranger Message From Abe    
10:02 AM Car Of Dreams 1935 55 The son of a factory owner falls in love with one of his father's workers.  Car of Dreams 
(1935) on IMDb  
11:12 AM Ozzie and Harriet An Evening with Hamlet    
11:37 AM Snow Foolin    
11:44 AM Beverly Hillbillies Jethro Goes To School    
12:17 PM Murder at the Baskervilles 1937 58 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson uncover a murder plot at a racetrack.   Murder at the Baskervilles 
(1937) on IMDb
1:23 PM Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Meet Mrs Drysdale    
1:49 PM Bugs Bunny Bull for Bugs    
1:58 PM Lock Up Last Chance    
2:23 PM Spider Baby 1968 70 Greedy relatives try to repossess the decaying mansion of an inbred Southern family.   Spider Baby (1968) 
(2010) on IMDb  
3:46 PM Lawless Years Prantera Story 08    
4:12 PM Betty Boop Pudgy Pickes A Fight    
4:24 PM Dateline Europe At the Airport    
4:49 PM Mysterious Doctor Satan 01    
5:27 PM The Sound of Fury aka Try and Get Me 1950 74 A man who is down on his luck falls in with a criminal.   The Sound of Fury 
(1950) on IMDb  
6:59 PM Suspense The Debt    
7:29 PM Sea Raiders  The Raiders Strike Again 4    
7:52 PM A Cuckoo in the Nest 1933 64 A crowded inn means that a man and a woman must share the same room for a night.   A Cuckoo in the Nest 
(1933) on IMDb  
9:15 PM Univ Newsreel 122044    
9:31 PM Thirteenth Guest 1932 59 Thirteen years after a dinner party where the wealthy host drop dead, the thirteen guests are invited to reassemble at the dinner table.  The Thirteenth Guest 
(1932) on IMDb  
10:41 PM The Phantom Empire 06    
11:01 PM Shadows on the Stairs 1941 57 There are multiple murders and disappearing tenants in a London rooming house filled with many clues and suspects, but very few answers.  Shadows on the Stairs 
(1941) on IMDb  

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