Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Purple Monster Strikes 12    
12:13 AM Waterfront Lady 1935 64 Ronny takes the rap for a murder that his boss committed.  Waterfront Lady 
(1935) on IMDb  
1:22 AM Sherlock Holmes The Case Of The Laughing Mummy    
1:49 AM The Mystery Squadron 6    
2:09 AM Adventure Island 1947 52 Three sailors and a woman roam an island ruled by a deadly tyrant. Adventure Island (1947) on IMDb  
3:16 AM Ramar of the Jungle Danger in Disguise    
3:43 AM The Bashful Bachelor 1942 58 An Arkansas store owner stages a series of accidents to impress a woman with his heroism.   The Bashful Bachelor 
(1942) on IMDb  
5:00 AM ONe Step Beyond The Haunting    
5:28 AM Born to the Saddle 1953 55 A young horse trainer (Chuck Courtney) begins working for a man (Donald Woods) he suspects may be responsible for his father's death.   Born to the Saddle 
(1953) on IMDb  
6:43 AM A Fish Family    
6:55 AM Casper A Haunting We Will Go 1949    
7:03 AM Ancient Egypt EDU    
7:14 AM Hunky And Spunky Always Kickin    
7:22 AM NASA Comp 6    
7:33 AM Small Fry    
7:47 AM RockyJones 13 KipsPrivateWar    
8:13 AM Hudsons Bay Martinet    
8:40 AM Last of the Mohicans Promised Valley    
9:06 AM Here Comes Tobor    
9:36 AM That Uncertain Feeling 1941 69 A happily married woman sees a psychoanalyst and develops doubts about her husband.  That Uncertain Feeling 
(1941) on IMDb  
11:02 AM Meet Corliss Archer A Date for Doris    
11:28 AM Ramar Of The Jungle Tribal Feud    
12:01 PM Outlaws of Boulder Pass 1942 62 The Lone Rider confronts greedy outlaws who plan to take over valuable ranch land through extortion and murder.   Outlaws of Boulder Pass 
(1942) on IMDb
1:02 PM Date With The Angels Shall We Dance    
1:28 PM Code3 The Sniper    
1:58 PM Boys Will Be Boys 1935 67 A schoolmaster tries to help a thief turn his life around.  Boys Will Be Boys 
(1935) on IMDb  
3:11 PM Topper Hiring the Maid    
3:35 PM Sherlock Holmes LadyBeryll    
4:02 PM Purple Monster Strikes 12    
4:23 PM Three Guys Named Mike 1951 61 A stewardess can't choose among three suitors.  Three Guys Named Mike 
(1951) on IMDb
5:54 PM Lawless Years Maxie Gorman Story 10    
6:21 PM Battleground WWI Tigers on the Loose    
6:46 PM The Mystery Squadron 6    
7:08 PM Love from a Stranger 1947 62 Surf pounds on rocks as an Englishwoman (Sylvia Sidney) realizes her Latin American husband (John Hodiak) is a killer.   Love from a Stranger 
(1947) on IMDb  
8:29 PM Silent Service The Grayling Story    
8:55 PM Univ Newsreel 061845    
9:02 PM Danger Man The Blue Veil    
9:36 PM West of the Badlands 1940 68 An Easterner that is wanted by the law who finds his way to the badlands of Idaho. The Border Legion (1940) on IMDb  
10:30 PM The Tiger Woman 08    
10:47 PM Date Bait 1960 59 A teen couple in love battles her parents and the town bully to stay together.  Date Bait 
(1960) on IMDb  

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