Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Terry and the Pirates 08    
12:18 AM Stop Press Girl 1949 62 A young country girl has the strange powers to stop all mechanical machinery.  Stop Press Girl (1949) on IMDb  
1:33 AM Lock up 17    
1:56 AM The Phantom Creeps 5 Thundering Rails    
2:18 AM Mercy Plane 1939 60 When a female flyer and her co-pilot crash in the High Sierras, the only airplane that can save them is an experimental plane that has been stolen by gangsters. Mercy Plane (1939) on IMDb  
3:31 AM Who Do You Trust 01    
3:56 AM Sanders of the River 1935 56 A British District Officer in Nigeria fights against gun-runners and slavers with the aid of a loyal native chief.  Sanders of the River 
(1935) on IMDb
5:24 AM Fractured Flickers 02    
5:52 AM Gold 1932 50 The daughter of an old prospector tries to shoot the man she thinks killed her father for his gold mine. Gold (1932) on IMDb  
6:43 AM Wired for Space    
7:12 AM Tom and Jerry In the Bag    
7:21 AM Wonderland of Vision EDU    
7:41 AM Popeye Its the Natural Thing to Do    
7:57 AM Range Rider Outlaw Pistols    
8:23 AM Roy Rogers Show Death Medicine 25    
8:49 AM The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock Ghost Town Story    
9:18 AM Heading For Heaven 1947 56 Stu Erwin is convinced he will die soon so crooks can buy his property.   Heading for Heaven 
(1947) on IMDb
10:25 AM Ozzie and Harriet Harriets Quiz    
10:52 AM Burns And Allen Gracie Worries    
11:24 AM Black Orchid 1953 57 A rare flower is the only clue to be found after a doctor is accused of murdering his wife.  Black Orchid 
(1953) on IMDb  
12:22 PM The Lucy Show Lucy And Paul Winchell    
12:47 PM Here Comes the Circus EDU    
12:56 PM Petticoat Junction the Courtship of Floyd Smoot    
1:24 PM Ask Dad 1929 62 A young man that returns from school to his father's business and falls in love with his father's secretary, but she loves another.  Ask Dad 
(1929) on IMDb  
1:48 PM Silent Service The Cavalla Story    
2:14 PM Beverly Hillbillies No Place Like Home    
2:39 PM Follow That Man The Polecat Shakedown    
3:12 PM Wild Horse Phantom 1944 60 A courageous cowboy interferes with criminals plans to rob a bank.   Wild Horse Phantom 
(1944) on IMDb
4:07 PM Bat Masterson The Fighter    
4:33 PM Nat Cole 6    
5:01 PM Lock up 25    
5:27 PM Terry and the Pirates 08    
5:47 PM The Chase 1946 68 An innocent man finds himself accused of murder after discovering a lost wallet in the street.   The Chase 
(1946) on IMDb  
7:13 PM Dangerous Assignment The Dead General Story    
7:41 PM Silent Service The Ordeal of S38    
8:06 PM The Phantom Creeps 5 Thundering Rails    
8:29 PM Lady Gangster 1942 60 A radio broadcaster tries to reform a gangster's moll who has been sent up the river.  Lady Gangster 
(1942) on IMDb
9:42 PM Brooklyn Orchid 1942 61 The owners of a taxicab company become guardian angels to a beautiful blonde in trouble.  Brooklyn Orchid 
(1942) on IMDb
10:34 PM The Vanishing Shadow 07    
10:58 PM Phantom of Chinatown 1940 58 San Francisco's Mr. Wong sleuths with the secretary of a poisoned archaeologist. Phantom of Chinatown (1940) on IMDb  

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