Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Zombies of the Stratosphere 03    
12:09 AM The Devils Partner 1958 46 The Devil comes to town in the guise of a mysterious young man and brings death and horror to those he befriends.  Devil's Partner (1961) on IMDb  
1:22 AM Flash Gordon The Forbidden Experiment    
1:47 AM Zombies of the Stratosphere 04    
1:55 AM Track of the Moon Beast 1976 19 A fragment of asteroid from the moon lodges in a young man's head . . . causing him to evolve into a moon beast.  Track of the Moon Beast 
(1976) on IMDb
3:16 AM Ozzie and Harriet Ten For The Tigers    
3:46 AM Cowboy Holiday 1934 43 A cowboy tries to stop the reign of terror of a disguised outlaw. Cowboy Holiday (1934) on IMDb  
4:41 AM Robin Hood Brothers    
5:06 AM Two Gun Man from Harlem 1938 58 An all-black cast comprises this sagebrush saga about a straight-shootin' cowpoke's battle to clear his name of murder.  Two-Gun Man from Harlem 
(1938) on IMDb
6:12 AM Flash Gordon The Race Against Time    
6:40 AM Help! First Aid    
6:55 AM Felix the Cat Felix in Fairyland 1923    
7:04 AM Hidden Harvest    
7:46 AM The Little Christmas Burro 1of 2    
8:01 AM Frisky Frolics    
8:09 AM Last of the Mohicans Snake Tattoo    
8:35 AM Gabby Hays Show 04 Hawaiian Islands    
9:02 AM Robin Hood Elixir Of Youth    
9:26 AM Southward Ho 1939 68 Roy discovers that the chief law official and tax collector, is the head of an outlaw gang.  Southward Ho 
(1939) on IMDb  
10:20 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Traffic Signal    
10:43 AM Jack Benny Jack Does Christmas Shopping    
11:15 AM Man from Music Mountain 1938 60 Scanlon is pulling off a land swindle by selling lots in a ghost town claiming the power company is bringing in a line.    Man from Music Mountain (1938) on IMDb  
12:09 PM Boston Blackie K Taylor    
12:37 PM Date With The Angels The Blue Tie    
1:05 PM Dangerous Assignment The Blood Stained Feather Story    
1:31 PM The Purple Vigilantes 1938 76 Ross organizes the ranchers into a vigilante group to rid the town of outlaws.   The Purple Vigilantes 
(1938) on IMDb  
2:22 PM Nat Cole 16    
2:44 PM War In The Pacific Palau    
3:16 PM Destination Space 1959 47 From space pioneers to modern day missions, it's a thrilling look at man's quest to conquer space.  Destination Space 
(1959) on IMDb  
4:07 PM Racket Squad Accidently on Purpose    
4:32 PM Four Star Playhouse Detectives Holiday    
5:00 PM Dragnet The Big Grandma    
5:25 PM Zombies of the Stratosphere 03    
5:34 PM Miranda 1948 69 A young married physician discovers a mermaid, and gives into her request to be taken to see London.  Miranda (1948) on IMDb  
6:51 PM Danger Man I'm Afraid You Have the Wrong Number    
7:42 PM Zombies of the Stratosphere 04    
7:51 PM Love from a Stranger 1947 62 Surf pounds on rocks as an Englishwoman (Sylvia Sidney) realizes her Latin American husband (John Hodiak) is a killer.   Love from a Stranger 
(1947) on IMDb  
9:12 PM Univ Newsreel 032044    
9:24 PM Phantom Submarine U67 1939 54 US Navy captain at odds with a German U-boat Captain in a search for sunken treasure.  The Sea Ghost (1931) on IMDb  
10:27 PM Zombies of the Stratosphere 05    
10:34 PM The Peterville Diamond 1943 57 The bored and neglected wife of a workaholic businessman gets mixed up with a jewel thief   The Peterville Diamond 
(1943) on IMDb  

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