Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Terry and the Pirates 09    
12:19 AM The Invisible Killer 1939 41 Someone is killing their enemies with only a phone call.  The Invisible Killer</a></td>
<td style= 
1:19 AM Cowboy G Men Bounty Jumpers    
1:43 AM The Phantom Creeps 6 The Iron Monster    
2:08 AM Blood Of The Man Devil 1965 24 Two warlocks use their powers and covens of witches to battle over the family fortune.   House of the Black Death 
(1965) on IMDb
3:22 AM Johnny Carson Show 03    
3:49 AM The Transatlantic Tunnel 1935 65 Scientists and engineers join forces to build a tunnel beneath the Atlantic Ocean.   Trans-Atlantic Tunnel 
(1935) on IMDb  
5:23 AM Fractured Flickers 21    
5:49 AM Curtain at Eight 1933 71 An elderly detective sets out to find who murdered a stage actor.  Curtain at Eight (1933) on IMDb  
6:50 AM Alphabet Conspiracy    
7:42 AM Oswald Rabbit Great Guns    
8:04 AM Roy Rogers Show Doc Stevens' Traveling Store 10    
8:30 AM Buccaneers Hurricane    
8:55 AM Cowboy G Men Hangfire    
9:22 AM RockyJones 14 RockysOdesseyPt1    
9:51 AM Tomorrows Children 1934 59 The Depression-era threat of forced sterilization is dramatically exposed in a series of court cases. Tomorrow's Children (1934) on IMDb  
10:44 AM Meet Corliss Archer Harry Child Psychiatrist    
11:10 AM Building a Highway    
11:21 AM Lock Up Compulsion Killer    
11:54 AM Jigsaw 1949 61 The D. A. uncovers an extremist group while investigating a death meant to look like suicide.  Jigsaw 
(1949) on IMDb  
1:06 PM Jack Benny Face In Familiar    
1:31 PM Passport To Danger Athens 10    
1:58 PM Green Eyes 1934 53 The host of a costume party, is found stabbed to death in a closet.   Green Eyes 
(1934) on IMDb  
3:07 PM Johnny Carson Show 12    
3:30 PM Death Valley Days Little Washington    
3:56 PM Terry and the Pirates 09    
4:21 PM Probation 1932 54 A reckless young society girl, whose uncle is a judge, is assigned a young offender as her chauffer to try to help straighten her out.  Probation 
(1932) on IMDb  
5:28 PM Racket Squad The Christmas Caper    
5:54 PM Red Skelton Humphrey School Of Dramatic Arts    
6:20 PM Dangerous Assignment The Perfect Alibi    
6:46 PM The Phantom Creeps 6 The Iron Monster    
7:10 PM Manhattan Merry Go Round 1937 60 Manhattan mobster Tony Gordoni takes over a popular record label, gaining control of a number of famous singers and musicians.   Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 
(1937) on IMDb
8:37 PM The Invisible Man Behind The Mask    
9:04 PM Univ Newsreel 012361    
9:10 PM Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Nursemaids    
9:45 PM Curtain at Eight 1933 71 An elderly detective sets out to find who murdered a stage actor.  Curtain at Eight (1933) on IMDb  
10:46 PM The Vanishing Shadow 08    
11:08 PM Destination Space 1959 47 From space pioneers to modern day missions, it's a thrilling look at man's quest to conquer space.  Destination Space 
(1959) on IMDb  

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