Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM The Lost Planet 09    
12:15 AM O-kay For Sound 1940 60 The president of a film studios major backer is threatening to stop financing his pictures.  O-Kay for Sound 
(1937) on IMDb  
1:38 AM ONe Step Beyond The Stone Cutter    
2:03 AM The Whispering Shadow The Trap 11    
2:22 AM The Ghosts of Hanley House 1968 43 Frustrated by his inability to sell his home, a man plans an overnight party to dispel rumors that the house is haunted.  The Ghosts of Hanley House 
(1968) on IMDb
3:48 AM Cisco Kid The Old Bum    
4:13 AM Men of San Quentin 1942 56 A new warden tries to affect humanitarian prison reforms but is thwarted by the system.   Men of San Quentin 
(1942) on IMDb  
5:30 AM Lights Out The Passage Beyond    
5:59 AM Pecos Kid 1936 59 A gang of robbers steals the deed to the Pecos Ranch and kill the family. The son wants revenge. The Pecos Kid (1935) on IMDb  
6:54 AM Case of the Wright Invention    
7:53 AM Popeye Poopdeck Pappy    
8:00 AM News Reel Chevy 1935 2    
8:11 AM Betty Boop Pudgy Ding Dong    
8:23 AM William Tell The Master Spy    
8:49 AM Annie Oakley SomeTenderfeet    
9:16 AM Cisco Kid Preformance Bond    
9:41 AM Terry And The Pirates Loaded Dice Affair 06    
10:11 AM Death From a Distance 1935 55 A tough detective and a brassy female reporter lock horns as they both try to break a murder case.  Death from a Distance (1935) on IMDb  
11:22 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Furnace    
11:46 AM Pepes Family SpainEDU    
12:25 PM Frontier Doctor Queen of the Cimarron    
12:58 PM Out of Singapore 1932 64 The first mate and his buddy take over a ship out of Singapore.  Out of Singapore 
(1932) on IMDb  
1:57 PM Decoy Cry Revenge    
2:25 PM Dr Fu ManchuThe Satellites    
2:53 PM Port of Lost Dreams 1934 71 A gangster's moll tries to start a new life with a fisherman.  Port of Lost Dreams 
(1934) on IMDb  
3:55 PM Mr.and Mrs. North Two Faced    
4:22 PM Richard Diamond Custody    
4:48 PM The Lost Planet 09    
5:11 PM Holiday 1930 69 A society romance based on the play by Philip Barry.   Holiday (1930) on IMDb  
6:42 PM Gang Busters The Scissors Gang    
7:08 PM Four Star Playhouse The Stacked Deck    
7:33 PM The Whispering Shadow The Trap 11    
7:54 PM Renegade Girl 1946 52 Ann Shelby turns outlaw to revenge herself on a renegade Indian who killed her brother.  Renegade Girl 
(1946) on IMDb  
9:00 PM The Invisible Man The Locked Room    
9:36 PM What the Butler Saw 1950 65 A British nobleman sets out to break up the budding romance. Complications ensue.  What the Butler Saw 
(1950) on IMDb  
10:37 PM Zombies of the Stratosphere 11    
10:48 PM Ill Sell My Life 1941 66 A strange man and woman offer a large sum of money to Mary . . . if she agrees to be killed. I'll Sell My Life (1941) on IMDb  

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