Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM The Lost Planet 12    
12:15 AM Hells Headquarters 1932 40 A search for a priceless cache of tusks results in murder in Africa.   Hell's Headquarters 
(1932) on IMDb  
1:14 AM One Step Beyond The Dream    
1:39 AM Undersea Kingdom The Undersea City 2    
2:02 AM The Sheik Steps Out 1937 52 A wealthy sheik kidnaps and falls for a snobby socialite. The Sheik Steps Out (1937) on IMDb  
2:56 AM Lights Out Devil In Glencairn    
3:18 AM Flash Gordon Pool Of Peril    
3:36 AM Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 1940 71 An escaped murderer hides out at a New York wax museum. Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940) on IMDb  
4:41 AM Flash Gordon Destroying Ray    
4:58 AM Crossroads Call for Help    
5:23 AM Border Vigilantes 1941 71 Hopalong Cassidy and partners chase outlaws led by the leader of a vigilante committee. Border Vigilantes (1941) on IMDb  
6:22 AM The Drama of Steel    
6:56 AM Mr Wizard Rocks    
7:26 AM The Hospital EDU    
7:40 AM Two Wheeled Wisdom EDU    
7:52 AM Water in the Air 1949 EDU    
8:03 AM Bosko The Booze Hangs High    
8:10 AM Cubby Bear Loves Labor Won    
8:25 AM Annie Oakley Rings The Bell    
8:52 AM Robin Hood The Path Of True Love    
9:17 AM Howdy Doody Oct 1 1952    
9:43 AM Annie Oakley Santa    
10:13 AM Dancing with Crime 1947 65 A London cab driver gets mixed up with a criminal gang and sets out to expose them.   Dancing with Crime 
(1947) on IMDb  
11:32 AM Ozzie and Harriet Ricky Goes To a Dance    
11:57 AM This is Coffee    
12:11 PM Life of Riley Gleason Junior Falls for Teacher    
12:40 PM Ursus in the Land of Fire 1963 49 The mighty hero Ursus battles evil forces.   Ursus in the Land of Fire 
(1963) on IMDb
2:09 PM Hawkins Falls 102153    
2:25 PM RockyJones 03 SilverNeedleInTheSky    
2:59 PM Rough Road To Panama    
3:32 PM Rough Road to Panama PT2    
4:00 PM Man With A Camera Black Light    
4:29 PM Neath the Arizona Skys 1934 51 The guardian of half-Indian girl Nina, is helping her find her missing white father.  'Neath the Arizona Skies (1934) on IMDb  
5:24 PM The Lost Planet 12    
5:42 PM Little Pal 1934 55 A young doctor running a health farm for polio victims is dazzled by a pretty and wealthy society girl, to the detriment of his patients and the woman who really loves him.  The Healer (1935) on IMDb  
6:49 PM Richard Diamond Venus Of Park Avenue    
7:13 PM Undersea Kingdom The Undersea City 2    
7:36 PM Keeper of the Bees 1935 63 A young man becomes confusedly involved with a woman's daughter and niece.  The Keeper of the Bees 
(1935) on IMDb  
8:52 PM Dragnet The Big Seventeen    
9:18 PM Univ Newsreel 102456    
9:32 PM Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 1940 71 An escaped murderer hides out at a New York wax museum. Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940) on IMDb  
10:36 PM Zorro Rides Again 2    
10:56 PM Cheers of the Crowd 1935 56 A carnival con-man helps a publicity man put a Broadway theater on the front page of the newspapers.  Cheers of the Crowd 
(1935) on IMDb  

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