Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Lost Planet 15    
12:18 AM Brand of the Outlaws 1936 64 Bob rescues a wounded sheriff, but later is mistaken for a rustler and branded by a slimy deputy.  Brand of the Outlaws 
(1936) on IMDb
1:14 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Ladder    
1:38 AM Undersea Kingdom Prisoners of Alantis 5    
1:59 AM Alive or Preferably Dead 1969 55 Two estranged brothers must survive the Wild West together for six month to inherit a fortune from their uncle.  Alive or Preferably Dead 
(1969) on IMDb
3:41 AM Sheriff of Coshise Stool Pigeon    
4:08 AM Ghost Parade 1931 42 A house full of people are convinced that their house is haunted by an ancestor.  Ghost Parade 
(1931) on IMDb
4:27 AM You Bet Your Life House    
4:59 AM Forlorn River 1937 65 Cowboy Nevada and his sidekick recover loot from a bank robbery.  Forgotten 
(1933) on IMDb  
5:56 AM Ramar of the Jungle Zombie Terror    
6:23 AM Cowboy G Men Rawhiders    
6:48 AM Newton in Space    
7:01 AM Our Community    
7:13 AM The Wonder of Our Body    
7:26 AM Popeye Out To Punch    
7:33 AM Betty Boop The Betty Boop Limited    
7:40 AM Winter Draws On    
7:52 AM Cisco Kid Medicine Flats    
8:17 AM RockyJones 11 CrashOfMoonsPt2    
8:48 AM Nothing But The Truth 1929 67 A young man bets $10,000 that he can tell for 24 hour nothing but the truth.  Nothing But the Truth (1929) on IMDb  
9:58 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Pool Table    
10:23 AM Life of Riley Gleason Junior and the Bully    
10:48 AM The Mad Monster 1942 30 A reporter's girlfriend's father injects a farmhand with wolf blood. The Mad Monster (1942) on IMDb  
12:06 PM Petticoat Junction 11-12-63    
12:36 PM Toppers Uranium Pile    
1:00 PM Tennessee Ernie Ford Show 1959 Charles Laughton    
1:30 PM The Spirit of West Point 1947 64 The story of Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis, two All-American football players at the U.S. Army Military Academy at West Point.  The Spirit of West Point (1947) on IMDb
2:46 PM Beverly Hillbillies Home For Christmas    
3:18 PM I Led 3 Lives The Spy    
3:44 PM Univ Newsreel 122744    
3:51 PM The Lost Planet 15    
4:15 PM Mexicali Rose 1939 65 Carruthers has sold shares in a phony oil well and when Gene investigates he finds the well is a fake.   Mexicali Rose 
(1939) on IMDb
5:15 PM Sheriff of Coshise    
5:41 PM Man with a Camera The Picture War    
6:07 PM Radio Hams Pete Smith Specialty    
6:17 PM Boston Blackie Inside Crime Woo Woo    
6:42 PM Victory At Sea Mare Nostrum    
7:09 PM Undersea Kingdom Prisoners of Alantis 5    
7:28 PM Crimson Romance 1934 65 Two best friends who are ace airplane pilots may be forced to fight each other when the War to End Wars begins. Crimson Romance (1934) on IMDb  
8:29 PM Univ Newsreel 031344    
8:44 PM Diabolique WS 1955 83 The wife of a cruel headmaster and his mistress conspire to kill him Diabolique (1955) on IMDb  
10:41 PM Zorro Rides Again 5    
11:00 PM Damaged Goods aka Forbidden Desires 1937 50N The story of a young man who contracts V.D. a month before his wedding from girl at his bachelor party.  Damaged Goods 
(1937) on IMDb

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