Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Zorros Black Whip Trail of Treachery 12    
12:16 AM His Royal Highness 1932 53 An American heiress falls in love a handsome but shy German prince.  His Royal Highness (1953) on IMDb
1:26 AM Lights Out The Silent Supper    
1:48 AM Zorros Fighting Legion Golden God 1    
2:16 AM Lady Says No 1951 52 A woman writes a best-selling book for women warning them about the "dangers" of men. The Lady Says No (1951) on IMDb  
3:39 AM One Step Beyond The Visitor    
4:02 AM Vampire Over London 1952 27 The mysterious figure known as the Vampire comes to England to complete experiments in his mad bid to gain control of the world.  Vampire Over London 
(1952) on IMDb
5:16 AM RockyJones 10 CrashOfMoonsPt1    
5:42 AM The Ghost Rider 1935 52 A man everyone thought was dead returns to terrorize the outlaws that stole his ranch many years ago.  The Ghost Rider 
(1935) on IMDb
6:38 AM Potatoes Unlimited    
7:11 AM Hawallian Birds    
7:25 AM Betty Boop Not Now    
7:36 AM Roy Rogers Show Money to Burn 33    
8:02 AM UltraMan 17    
8:28 AM Border Cabellero 1936 64 A government agent poses as a bandit to stop a gang along the Mexican border. Border Caballero (1936) on IMDb
9:24 AM Jack Benny Rents His House    
9:52 AM Red Skelton 03    
10:17 AM Tombstone Terror 1935 50 A cowboy returns to his home ranch and discovers that his twin brother is part of a rustling gang.  Tombstone Terror 
(1935) on IMDb
11:11 AM Beverly Hillbillies Elly Needs A Maw    
11:39 AM Star Performance Watch the Sunset    
12:10 PM Borrowed Trouble 1948 67 Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) saves a kidnapped schoolmarm (Helen Chapman) opposed to a saloon near school.   Borrowed Trouble 
(1948) on IMDb
1:09 PM Lock Up Death In The Streets    
1:34 PM Michael Shayne Spotlight on a Corpse    
2:28 PM Lady of Burlesque 1943 64 A star dancer and comedian team to investigate murders. Lady of Burlesque (1943) on IMDb
3:59 PM Star Performance Autumn Carousel    
4:25 PM Lock up 14    
4:52 PM Zorros Black Whip Trail of Treachery 12    
5:11 PM A Girl Must Live 1939 65 Two gold-digging chorus girls and a shy one pursue a handsome nobleman. A Girl Must Live (1939) on IMDb  
6:40 PM The Invisible Man Death Cell    
7:07 PM Dragnet The Big Phone Call    
7:33 PM Zorros Fighting Legion Golden God 1    
8:02 PM Murder with Pictures 1936 60 A cameraman for a daily newspaper exposes a gangland killer's method. Murder with Pictures (1936) on IMDb  
9:14 PM Victory At Sea BeneathThe Southern Cross    
9:48 PM Held for Ransom 1938 55 Terror grips a city as its leading citizen vanishes.  Held for Ransom 
(1938) on IMDb
10:46 PM Zorros Fighting Legion Flaming Z 2    
11:03 PM Youre Out of Luck 1941 58 An elevator operator and a janitor team up to solve two murders that may be connected to an illegal gambling operation. You're Out of Luck (1941) on IMDb  

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