Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Monster and the Ape 10    
12:19 AM The Snows of Kilimanjaro 1952 63 A dying author reflects on his life and loves.  The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952) on IMDb
2:12 AM Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Bachelors    
2:39 AM Zorros Black Whip Take Off That Mask 5    
2:58 AM The Fighting Pilot 1935 47 A daring pilot must foil a gang of thieves who stole a new airplane.  The Fighting Pilot 
(1935) on IMDb
3:57 AM Lights Out The Meddlers    
4:19 AM Frontier Scout 1938 53 Gen. Ulysses S. Grant has a job for Wild Bill Hickok and his sidekick.  Frontier Scout 
(1938) on IMDb
5:19 AM CGM GeneralDelivery    
5:47 AM Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory 1952 47 Uncle Sam sends Buffalo Bill to Dakota Chief White Cloud with a peace offering of cattle. Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory (1952) on IMDb  
6:53 AM Colors of the Sun    
7:16 AM Middle Ages Wanders Guide    
7:43 AM Betty Boop Little Nobody    
7:50 AM Flying Fists    
7:57 AM Box Car Blues    
8:09 AM Jim Bowie Birth Of The Blade    
8:35 AM The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot Winged Victory    
9:01 AM UltraMan 28    
9:26 AM Robin Hood The Minstrel    
9:56 AM Tough to Handle 1937 65 A reporter and a newsboy try to foil thugs who bilk lottery winners.  Tough to Handle 
(1937) on IMDb
10:54 AM Love That Bob Butters Beck    
11:19 AM Protecting Young Lives EDU    
11:34 AM Lock Up The Case Of Corporal Newman    
12:05 PM His Royal Highness 1932 53 An American heiress falls in love a handsome but shy German prince.  His Royal Highness (1953) on IMDb
1:15 PM Nat Cole 4    
1:41 PM The Road Is Open Again NRA EDU    
1:48 PM Beverly Hillbillies Christmas At The Clampetts    
2:16 PM Horrors of the Red Planet aka The Wizard of Mars 1965 34 Four space travelers encounter a sinister force on Mars that threatens to stifle all life forms within its reach.  The Wizard of Mars (1965) on IMDb
3:33 PM Follow That Man Paradise Lost    
4:01 PM Air Force Stories 06 Prelude to War    
4:16 PM The Monster and the Ape 10    
4:41 PM Prairie Pals 1942 61 Three prairie pals bust up a gangster plot to make synthetic gold   Prairie Pals 
(1942) on IMDb  
5:40 PM Front Page Detective little Black Book    
6:08 PM Sherlock Holmes Tyrants Daughter    
6:36 PM Zorros Black Whip Take Off That Mask 5    
6:53 PM Angel On My Shoulder 1946 69 The Devil sends a murdered gangster to Earth as a respected judge. Angel on My Shoulder (1946) on IMDb  
8:35 PM Michael Shayne Murder Plays Charades    
9:38 PM Successful Failure 1934 47 A mans family wants him to make more money, but his boss at the newspaper thinks he is at the end of his usefulness.  A Successful Failure 
(1934) on IMDb
10:39 PM Adventures Of Captain Marvel Time Bomb 3    
10:58 PM Fatal Hour 1940 53 Asian sleuth Mr. Wong gets caught up in the mystery surrounding a policeman's death.  The Fargo Kid 
(1940) on IMDb

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