Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Monster and the Ape 11    
12:18 AM The Dancing Pirate 1936 52 A dance instructor is kidnapped by pirates.   Dancing Pirate 
(1936) on IMDb
1:42 AM 74 Korea The Big Picture    
2:11 AM Zorros Black Whip Fatal Gold 6    
2:25 AM 90 Day Wondering Army    
2:34 AM Roarin Guns 1936 49 Associated cattlemen put a detective on the case of a range war. Roarin' Guns (1936) on IMDb  
3:38 AM CGM MysteriousDecoy    
4:04 AM Undercover Agent 1939 48 A small-town postal clerk tries to land a government inspector's job by hunting down counterfeiters.  Undercover Agent 
(1939) on IMDb
4:55 AM 26Men The Big Rope    
5:23 AM Oklahoma Terror 1939 55 Cartwright's racket is to sell a ranch and then have Mason and his men drive the ranchers away so he can resell it.  Oklahoma Terror 
(1939) on IMDb
6:19 AM Cisco Kid Buried Treasure    
6:44 AM NASA EClips Sleeping Solar Sys Comets EDU    
7:06 AM River of Ice Life Cycle of a Glacier EDU    
7:15 AM The Fun Shine State    
7:22 AM Spaceship Earth    
7:37 AM Betty Boop Crazy Inventions    
7:44 AM Robin Hood Hero    
8:10 AM The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel Gentlemen of thr Road    
8:38 AM Malice in the Palace 1949 70 The Stooges are searching for the Rootin-Tootin Diamond, which has been stolen by the Emir of Schmow. Malice in the Palace (1949) on IMDb  
8:54 AM Ozzie and Harriet David Gets Discouraged    
9:25 AM Lock Up End Of A Titan    
9:54 AM Mutiny in the Big House 1939 63 A prison chaplain tries to help a young innocent and prevent a breakout.  Mutiny in the Big House 
(1939) on IMDb
11:15 AM Petticoat Junction Last Chance Farm    
11:41 AM Red Skelton Cauliflower Wrestler    
12:09 PM Operation Petticoat 1959 73 During World War II, a commander finds himself stuck with a decrepit (and pink) submarine, a con man executive officer, and a group of army nurses.  Operation Petticoat (1959) on IMDb
2:09 PM Ozzie and Harriet The Ranchers Daughter    
2:33 PM Death Valley Days Sego Lillies    
3:02 PM C-Man 1949 63 A customs agent follows a jewel smuggler's trail of corpses from Paris to New York. 'C'-Man (1949) on IMDb  
4:18 PM Dangerous Assignment The Knitting Needle Story    
4:46 PM War In The Pacific Bloddy Iwo    
5:12 PM The Monster and the Ape 11    
5:38 PM Planet Outlaws 1953 38 An American soldier suspended in time wakes up to find himself in the futuristic world of the year 2500.  Planet Outlaws 
(1953) on IMDb
6:47 PM Passport To Danger Macao 12    
7:15 PM Four Star Playhouse Broken Journey    
7:41 PM Zorros Black Whip Fatal Gold 6    
7:58 PM Happiness C O D 1935 74 A woman must continually save her brother and his ungrateful children from financial ruin.  Happiness C.O.D. (1935) on IMDb  
9:07 PM Univ Newsreel 110142    
9:25 PM The Cowboy Millionaire 1935 52 An Englishwoman falls for a ranch cowboy but returns to Europe when she discovers that he may be a gigolo.   The Cowboy Millionaire 
(1935) on IMDb
10:31 PM Adventures Of Captain Marvel Death Takes The Wheel 4    
10:50 PM The Devil on Horseback 1936 51 While on a promotion tour in South America with her boyfriend the king of coffee, a movie star is kidnapped.  The Devil on Horseback 
(1936) on IMDb

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