Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Zorros Fighting Legion Unmasked 12    
12:17 AM A Parisian Romance 1932 58 A Parisian romances a parade of women and finally falls for the girl of his dreams. A Parisian Romance (1932) on IMDb  
1:34 AM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 01    
1:58 AM Tough to Handle 1937 65 A reporter and a newsboy try to foil thugs who bilk lottery winners.  Tough to Handle 
(1937) on IMDb
3:03 AM Mutiny in the Big House 1939 63 A prison chaplain tries to help a young innocent and prevent a breakout.  Mutiny in the Big House 
(1939) on IMDb
4:23 AM Farmer Al Falfa Wayward Pup    
4:35 AM Song of Old Wyoming 1945 70 A casual cowhand fights the Cheyenne Kid in behalf of a woman rancher.   Song of Old Wyoming 
(1945) on IMDb
5:38 AM Felix the Cat Felix the Ghost Breaker 1923    
5:50 AM C-Man 1949 63 A customs agent follows a jewel smuggler's trail of corpses from Paris to New York. 'C'-Man (1949) on IMDb  
7:07 AM To Hare is Human    
7:15 AM Bury Me Dead 1947 59 The dark face of danger mirrored in the eyes of those she loved and trusted.  Bury Me Dead 
(1947) on IMDb
8:24 AM The Queen of Hearts    
8:35 AM Ten Nights in a Barroom 1931 56 A man's heavy drinking drives his family away and threatens to destroy his relationship with his daughter.  Ten Nights in a Barroom 
(1931) on IMDb
9:43 AM Charlie Chan Murder Over New York 1940 70 Chan's partner in crime fighting is murdered while attending a police convention in New York.  Murder Over New York 
(1940) on IMDb
10:50 AM A Better Missouri 1937 EDU    
11:00 AM 0716 LOVE WORTH FINDING    
11:58 AM French Village EDU    
12:20 PM Popeye Patriotic Popeye    
12:33 PM Why We Fight 3 Divide and Conquer War The World War II US Government account of the European theatre of the war from after the English and French entry to the fall of France.  Divide and Conquer (1943) on IMDb
1:30 PM Don't Kill Your Friends    
1:44 PM Churchill's Island aka Canada Carries On EDU    
2:11 PM Corsair 1931 64 A stock market broker plans to liven up his boring life by taking up piracy on the high seas. Corsair (1931) on IMDb  
3:26 PM Wildlife in the 49th State    
3:45 PM Sabotage 1936 72 A ring of saboteurs are causing havoc in London with a series of explosive terrorist attacks.  Sabotage (1936) on IMDb  
5:01 PM Zorros Fighting Legion Unmasked 12    
5:25 PM Angel On My Shoulder 1946 69 The Devil sends a murdered gangster to Earth as a respected judge. Angel on My Shoulder (1946) on IMDb  
7:07 PM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 01    
7:34 PM Reign of Terror 1949 71 Opponents plot to bring down Robespierre during the French Revolution.  Reign of Terror 
(1949) on IMDb
9:04 PM Univ Newsreel 060247    
9:22 PM Charlie Chan Dark Alibi 1946 68 Chan tries to disprove fingerprint evidence left at a bank robbery.  Dark Alibi 
(1946) on IMDb  
10:24 PM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 02    
10:46 PM Three of a Kind 1936 58 A truck driver and a gold-digger meet at a swank hotel and both think the other is wealthy.   Three of a Kind 
(1936) on IMDb

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