Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Phantom 04    
12:16 AM Flight to Mars 1951 51 A newspaper reporter and a group of scientists fly a rocket to Mars.   Flight to Mars 
(1951) on IMDb
1:27 AM Tales Of Tomorrow The Horn    
1:48 AM Zorros Fighting Legion Flaming Z 2    
2:05 AM Bees In Paradise 1944 44 A ferry pilot and his crew make a forced landing on an island in the South Atlantic   Bees in Paradise 
(1944) on IMDb
3:18 AM TAles of Tomorrow The Dune Roller    
3:41 AM Paradise Express 1937 66 A corrupt trucking company tries to monopolize the transportation industry by putting a railroad out of business.   Paradise Express 
(1937) on IMDb
4:34 AM Sheriff of Cochise Champ    
5:00 AM Carsons Cellar    
5:22 AM Rogue of the Range 1936 59 Doran and the Sheriff have a scheme to bring in an outlaw gang.  Rogue of the Range 
(1936) on IMDb
6:18 AM Batman and Superman Double Feature    
6:53 AM Rumpelstilskin 1949 EDU    
7:04 AM Felix the Cat Felix in Fairyland 1923    
7:14 AM Secure the Blessings Schools EDU    
7:24 AM Felix Neptune Nonsense    
7:31 AM Stop Look and Think EDU    
7:42 AM Terrytoons The Mighty Heroes    
7:55 AM Roy Rogers Show Outlaws of Paradise Valley 36    
8:22 AM Buccaneers Prize Of Andalusia    
8:49 AM William Tell The Manhunt    
9:15 AM Bridge Building with the CCC EDU    
9:32 AM Roy Rogers Show Treasure of Howling Dog Canyon 11    
9:58 AM Robin Hood The Edge And The Point    
10:25 AM Inspector Hornleigh Goes To it 1941 70 Inspector Hornleigh joins the military and goes undercover to catch 5th columnists.    Mail Train (1941) on IMDb  
11:49 AM Petticoat Junction Behind All Silver is a Cloud Lining    
12:20 PM Japanese Relocation War Documentary short demonstrating American reasons for interning Americans of Japanese ancestry following the outbreak of war between the U.S. and Japan.  Japanese Relocation (1942) on IMDb
12:30 PM Beverly Hillbillies The Garden Party    
1:00 PM Harlem Rides the Range 1939 51 A singing cowboy protects the beautiful heir to a radium mine.  Harlem Rides the Range 
(1939) on IMDb
1:57 PM Nat Cole 19    
2:23 PM A Better Missouri 1937 EDU    
2:32 PM Meet Corliss Archer New Neighbors    
3:06 PM Rhythm in the Clouds 1937 55 An aspiring songwriter plagiarizes the name of another tunesmith to ensure that her songs will receive radio airplay. Rhythm in the Clouds (1937) on IMDb   
3:59 PM RockyJones 07 ForbiddenMoon    
4:28 PM Lock Up Framed Ex Con    
4:52 PM The Phantom 04    
5:10 PM Here Is Germany War Frank Capra directed this film in the vein of his Why We Fight series. It was intended to be shown to American troops participating in the invasion and occupation of Germany.  Here Is Germany (1945) on IMDb
6:01 PM Passport To Danger Casablanca 02    
6:30 PM The Vise If This Be Murder    
6:56 PM Zorros Fighting Legion Flaming Z 2    
7:15 PM The Invisible Ray 1936 66 A scientist seeks an antidote for a radium-poisoned colleague with the touch of death. The Invisible Ray (1936) on IMDb
8:35 PM Univ Newsreel 063044    
8:49 PM Daybreak 1948 67 A Danish sailor caught with a hangman's wife is slated to hang for killing the hangman.  Daybreak 
(1948) on IMDb  
10:07 PM Adventures Of Captain Marvel Captain Marvels Secret 12    
10:26 PM Things To Come 1936 67 Everytown (London) is destroyed by a futuristic army, and life then continues under a futuristic Boss. Things to Come (1936) on IMDb  

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