Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 09    
12:18 AM Daybreak 1948 67 A Danish sailor caught with a hangman's wife is slated to hang for killing the hangman.  Daybreak 
(1948) on IMDb  
1:36 AM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 10    
1:56 AM The Invisible Ray 1936 66 A scientist seeks an antidote for a radium-poisoned colleague with the touch of death. The Invisible Ray (1936) on IMDb  
3:16 AM LooneyToons Congo Jazz    
3:24 AM Three on the Trail 1936 69 Hopalong Cassidy and Johnny are left to die in the desert after a reward is posted for them Dead or Alive.  Three on the Trail 
(1936) on IMDb  
4:29 AM Little Audery Goofy Goofy Gander    
4:37 AM Paradise Express 1937 66 A corrupt trucking company tries to monopolize the transportation industry by putting a railroad out of business.   Paradise Express 
(1937) on IMDb  
5:30 AM Land Of The Lost Jewels    
5:44 AM Inspector Hornleigh Goes To it 1941 70 Inspector Hornleigh joins the military and goes undercover to catch 5th columnists.    Mail Train (1941) on IMDb  
7:09 AM Appreciating Our Parents    
7:19 AM Wheat Farmer 1956 EDU    
7:32 AM Apples From Seedling to Market    
7:43 AM Out of the Blue 1947 70 A decorator passes out in a married man's apartment; thinking she's dead, he puts her on an artist's porch.  Out of the Blue 
(1947) on IMDb  
9:08 AM Fox Pop    
9:17 AM Absolution 1978 64 A priest who teaches at a boys' school and finds one of his favourite students is playing a nasty practical joke on him.  Absolution 
(1978) on IMDb  
10:54 AM Bosko at the Zoo    
11:01 AM 0723 LOVE WORTH FINDING    
11:59 AM Hawaii Volcanoes    
12:23 PM Springtime In The Sierras 1947 69 A singing cowboy and his sidekick nab a gang of poachers for murder.  Springtime in the Sierras 
(1947) on IMDb
1:16 PM Betty Boop and the Little King    
1:26 PM Hopalong Rides Again 1937 68 Ranch foreman Hopalong Cassidy meets a professor supposedly looking for the missing link.  Hopalong Rides Again (1937) on IMDb  
2:35 PM Univ Newsreel 042345    
2:45 PM Why We Fight 6 The Battle of China War The Official World War II US Government account of Chinese defense against Japanese aggression.  The Battle of China (1944) on IMDb  
4:00 PM Shadows Over Shanghai 1938 58 A pilot carrying a valuable amulet is shot down over China by a ruthless Russian agent.  Shadows Over Shanghai</a></td>
<td style= 
5:06 PM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 09    
5:27 PM I Will Be Your Sweetheart 1945 58 The adventures of a Gaiety Girl who marries a lord. From the novel by Caryl Brahms and S.J.Simon.   I'll Be Your Sweetheart 
(1945) on IMDb  
7:08 PM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 10    
7:29 PM Rich and Strange aka East of Shanghai 1931 60 A married couple finds their relationship strained to the breaking point after receiving an inheritance.  East of Shanghai 
(1931) on IMDb  
8:53 PM Univ Newsreel 121844    
9:08 PM Love From A Stranger 1937 65 Carol wins the Lottery, and kicks her boyfriend to the curb.  A Night of Terror (1937) on IMDb  
10:36 PM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 11    
11:00 PM The Eagles Brood 1935 70 Hopalong Cassidy travels to Hell's Center in search of the young grandson of the notorious Mexican bandit called El Toro. The Eagle's Brood (1935) on IMDb  

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