Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Phantom 11    
12:17 AM Loudspeaker 1934 42 A comic from a small town becomes a radio star in New York City.  The Loudspeaker 
(1934) on IMDb
1:26 AM Lawless Years Immigrant 20    
1:52 AM Zorros Fighting Legion Golden Arrow 9    
2:09 AM Neutral Port 1940 49 A captain wants to seize a Nazi supply ship after his is torpedoed.   Neutral Port 
(1940) on IMDb  
3:39 AM Burns And Allen Property Tax Assessor    
4:07 AM Affair in Monte Carlo 1952 50 A cold hearted widow in Monte Carlo falls in love with a stranger that she meets in the casino.  Affair in Monte Carlo 
(1952) on IMDb
5:12 AM Northwest Passage Death Rides the Wind    
5:40 AM Come On Cowboys 1937 61 A couple of con-artist cowboys from Montana end up in Nashville for the adventure of their lives.  Come on, Cowboys 
(1937) on IMDb }
6:34 AM Bronze River of Metal    
7:05 AM Mild West    
7:12 AM Earth the Planet    
7:41 AM Felix Two Lip Time No Audio    
7:51 AM Oswald Rabbit The Plumber    
8:04 AM Frontier Doctor Mystery of the Black Horse    
8:31 AM Robin Hood Moneymaker    
8:57 AM Annie Oakley First Phone    
9:24 AM Sergeant Preston Eye of Evil    
9:50 AM Roy Rogers Show Badmans Brother 13    
10:19 AM Winterset 1936 63 Captioned An immigrant is falsely condemned and executed for a payroll robbery.  Winterset 
(1936) on IMDb  
11:39 AM Petticoat Junction Honeymoon Hotel    
12:06 PM Greater Good Textiles    
12:31 PM Jack Benny Show Business At War    
12:56 PM Ellis Island 1936 48 A gang of international crooks uses America's haven of hope for refugees for clandestine purposes. Ellis Island (1936) on IMDb  
2:03 PM Life of Riley Gleason Home Sweet Home    
2:26 PM Trouble With Father The Great Debate    
2:54 PM Esther Waters aka Sin of Esther Waters 1948 60 A housemaid's life is complicated by the attentions of a seductive groom.  Sin of Esther Waters 
(1948) on IMDb
4:40 PM Lock Up The Case Of Frank Corry    
5:08 PM Boston Blackie Boston Goliath    
5:34 PM The Phantom 11    
5:58 PM The Terror 1938 58 A mysterious criminal mastermind plots a gold robbery,and then set's up his gang to take the fall.  The Terror 
(1963) on IMDb  
7:09 PM Lawless Years Joe Angelo Story 02    
7:37 PM Sherlock Holmes The Case Of The Split Ticket    
8:03 PM Zorros Fighting Legion Golden Arrow 9    
8:23 PM The Black Widow 1951 65 A woman and her lover plan the second death of her husband after their first attempt fails.  The Black Widow 
(1950) on IMDb
9:13 PM Silent Service The Squailfish Story    
9:54 PM Casanova in Burlesque 1944 63 A stripper (June Havoc) discovers a professor (Joe E. Brown) spends summer teaching Shakespeare and winter as a burlesque comic.   Casanova in Burlesque 
(1944) on IMDb
10:41 PM Burn Em Up Barnes Roaring Rails 7    
10:59 PM Crooked Circle 1932 61 A motorcycle policeman and his girlfriend unmask a fake swami in a haunted house. The Crooked Circle (1932) on IMDb

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