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12:00 AM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 12    
12:18 AM Hollywood Stadium Mystery 1938 67 A fighter about to face the champion dies in the ring; a district attorney investigates.  Hollywood Stadium Mystery</a></td>
<td style= 
1:12 AM Lights Out Mrs Manifold    
1:35 AM Ace Drummond 1 Where East Meets West    
1:56 AM Out of the Blue 1947 70 A decorator passes out in a married man's apartment; thinking she's dead, he puts her on an artist's porch.  Out of the Blue 
(1947) on IMDb  
3:21 AM One Step Beyond The Trap    
3:47 AM Second Chorus 1940 58 Two music students, rather than face the responsibilities of life, repeatedly fail their exams so that they can stay in college.  Second Chorus 
(1940) on IMDb  
5:10 AM Way Out William And Mary    
5:37 AM Strange Gamble 1948 71 The government commissions Hopalong Cassidy to investigate the source of counterfeit U.S. and Mexican currency.   Strange Gamble 
(1948) on IMDb  
6:39 AM Life in the Central Valley of California    
6:50 AM Cubby Bear The Gay Gaucho    
6:59 AM Lets Go to the Movies EDU    
7:08 AM One Bad Knight    
7:19 AM Life with Grandpa EDU    
7:35 AM Puss and Boots    
7:48 AM Robin Hood Food For Thought    
8:13 AM Gene Autry Show The Posse    
8:42 AM UltraMan 09    
9:08 AM Gabby Hays Show Mountain Goat    
9:34 AM Lights Of Old Santa Fe 1944 60 Roy and his partners rescue Dale Evans' Wild West show from sabotage by a jealous competitor.   Lights of Old Santa Fe 
(1944) on IMDb  
10:30 AM Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts In Court    
10:56 AM Case of the Misguided Killer Cars EDU    
11:08 AM Burns And Allen Dinner Party    
11:36 AM What Price Vengeance 1937 76 A cop who is forced to quit the police force, turns to a life of crime.  What Price Vengeance (1937) on IMDb  
12:33 PM Decoy Tin Pan Payoff    
12:59 PM Of Men and Ideas William Laurence EDU    
1:14 PM Jack Benny Jack Dreams He Is Married To Mary    
1:40 PM The Man Behind the Badge Case of the Wild West    
2:06 PM Warning From Space 1956 43 Huge one-eyed star-shaped aliens come to Tokyo to save Earth from hitting a flaming planet.  Warning from Space 
(1956) on IMDb  
3:34 PM Richard Diamond The Percentage Takers    
4:01 PM Michael Shayne Murder In Wonderland    
4:52 PM Lone Defender Rin Tin Tin 12    
5:15 PM Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 1940 71 An escaped murderer hides out at a New York wax museum. Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940) on IMDb  
6:19 PM The Invisible Man Play to Kill    
6:46 PM Mr Lucky They Shall Not Pass    
7:12 PM Ace Drummond 1 Where East Meets West    
7:33 PM Her Man Gilbey - English Without Tears 1944 58 An heiress falls in love with her butler, and chases him until he catches her.  Her Man Gilbey 
(1944) on IMDb  
9:04 PM Charlie Chan The Golden Eye 1948 65 Your oriental sleuth stalks a desperate killer below the surface of the earth.   The Golden Eye 
(1948) on IMDb  
10:13 PM Ace Drummond 2 The Invisible Enemy    
10:33 PM Passing of the Third Floor Back 1935 66 The tenants of an old boarding house are terrorized by an evil slumlord.   The Passing of the Third Floor Back 
(1935) on IMDb

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