Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Canadian Mounties Vs Atomic Invaders 07    
12:13 AM Corsair 1931 64 A stock market broker plans to liven up his boring life by taking up piracy on the high seas. Corsair (1931) on IMDb  
1:27 AM Outlaws Thirty a Month    
2:14 AM Canadian Mounties Vs Atomic Invaders 08    
2:27 AM Untamed Women 1951 41 Survivors of a plane crash wash up on an uncharted island inhabited by pre-historic beasts and untamed Druid women. Untamed Women (1952) on IMDb
3:37 AM One Step Beyond The Hand    
4:03 AM House of Secrets 1936 50 An American inherits an English estate that holds a mystery involving gangsters.  The House of Secrets (1936) on IMDb
5:12 AM CGM SawdustSwindle    
5:38 AM Utah 1945 56 A singer of an all girl band. goes to Utah to sell her grandfather's ranch   Utah 
(1945) on IMDb  
6:33 AM Mr Wizard    
7:03 AM Woody Woodpecker Pantry Panic    
7:16 AM Robin Hood The Salt King    
7:41 AM The Little King The Jolly Good Felons    
7:49 AM Cisco Kid Rustling    
8:11 AM Buccaneers Ladies    
8:44 AM Annie Oakley Treasure Map    
9:11 AM Texas 1941 68 Two young men head west in search of fortune and adventure.   Texas 
(1941) on IMDb  
10:45 AM My Little Margie The Unexpected Guest    
11:13 AM Lets Go Bowling    
11:29 AM Tate Bounty Hunter    
11:59 AM Song Of Arizona 1946 57 Roy is trying to help save Gabby's ranch for wayward boys.   Song of Arizona 
(1946) on IMDb
12:53 PM Love that Bob Grandpa Moves West    
1:18 PM Iron Country Iron Ore and Minnesotas Future EDU    
1:41 PM Terry And The Pirates Chinese Coffin 13    
2:07 PM Song of Texas 1943 64 A singing rodeo star (Roy Rogers) loses half of a ranch and enters a chuck-wagon race to win it back.   Song of Texas 
(1943) on IMDb  
3:02 PM Meet Corliss Archer Harrys Diet    
3:30 PM Rocky King Detective The Hermits Cat    
3:57 PM The Intruder 1933 48 A murder is committed aboard a cruise ship just before it sinks in a storm. The survivors, including the killer, land on a mysterious jungle island.   The Intruder 
(1933) on IMDb  
4:51 PM The Invisible Man Point Of Destruction    
5:18 PM Canadian Mounties Vs Atomic Invaders 07    
5:36 PM Frolics on Ice 1939 52 A 6-year-old ice skater's scheming uncle books her at a nightspot in Palm Beach, Fla.  Everything's on Ice 
(1939) on IMDb
6:38 PM Racket Squad the Matchmaker    
7:02 PM Sherlock Holmes Royal Murder    
7:29 PM Canadian Mounties Vs Atomic Invaders 08    
7:42 PM Midnight Episode 1950 66 A street performer becomes involved with a mysterious murder, and the killer is now after him Midnight Episode (1950) on IMDb  
9:00 PM Univ Newsreel 011446    
9:13 PM Green Grows the Rushes 1951 59 A group of smugglers make use of an ancient charter to smuggle brandy into England.   Green Grow the Rushes 
(1951) on IMDb
10:32 PM Canadian Mounties Vs Atomic Invaders 09    
10:48 PM Bombay Waterfront 1952 61 The Temples investigate a series of gruesome murders attributed to a mysterious figure known as "The Marquis."  Bombay Waterfront (1952) on IMDb  

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