Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM The Shadow Chapter 15    
12:17 AM Stagecoach War 1940 69 Hoppy is busy chasing stagecoach bandits who sing as they rob.  Stagecoach War (1940) on IMDb  
1:17 AM One Step Beyond The Devils Laughter    
1:42 AM Riders of Death Valley Death Marks the Trail 1    
2:03 AM The Night They Killed Rasputin 1960 55 A hypnotic healer is targeted for death by his enemies.  The Night They Killed Rasputin 
(1960) on IMDb
3:28 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Prowler    
3:54 AM Harvest Melody 1943 40 Nightclub performers and orchestra move to a farm to help harvest a crop.  Harvest Melody 
(1943) on IMDb  
5:04 AM Lights Out Jasper    
5:27 AM Universal Newsreel 35-60 072362    
5:36 AM Rio Rattler 1935 62 A cowboy and his six-gun see action along the border.  Rio Rattler 
(1935) on IMDb  
6:28 AM Case of the Electrical Mystery    
7:26 AM Hunky and Spunky Always Kickin'    
7:34 AM Super Chicken Wild Ralph Hiccup    
7:41 AM Betty Boop Rise to Fame    
7:55 AM Brave Eagle The Challenge    
8:22 AM Buccaneers Whale Gold    
8:47 AM Kit Carson The Spoilers of California    
9:14 AM UltraMan 15    
9:41 AM Bird of Paradise 1932 61 A wealthy playboy falls for a stunning Polynesian princess when his yacht crashes into a coral reef.   Bird of Paradise 
(1932) on IMDb  
11:03 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Fashion Models    
11:29 AM Our Miss Brooks Home Cooked Meal    
12:01 PM I See Ice 1938 57 The props man in an ice ballet company is a keen amateur photographer who accidentally snaps crooks at work.   I See Ice 
(1938) on IMDb  
1:20 PM Red Skelton Deadeye And The Alamo    
1:45 PM Follow That Man Room 505    
2:14 PM The Brain Eaters 1958 39 Evil parasites from the earth's core ,invade the brains of the intellectual elite and misguide them to create a higher order to fit their needs.  The Brain Eaters 
(1958) on IMDb  
3:15 PM Topper Legacy    
3:38 PM Dangerous Assignment The Burma Temple Story    
4:05 PM The Shadow Chapter 15    
4:29 PM A Stranger In Town 1943 68 A Supreme Court justice on a duck-hunting foray becomes involved in serious trouble with the citizens in a small town.  A Stranger in Town 
(1943) on IMDb  
5:37 PM Federal Men The Case Of Buried Treasure    
6:06 PM Sherlock Holmes The Case Of The Red Headed League    
6:33 PM Riders of Death Valley Death Marks the Trail 1    
6:54 PM Life With Father 1947 71 A straitlaced turn-of-the-century father presides over a family of boys and the mother who really rules the roost. Life with Father (1947) on IMDb  
8:52 PM Silent Service The Seadevil Attacks Puget Sound    
9:29 PM The Ninth Guest 1934 73 Eight strangers are invited to a penthouse apartment. Greeted, wined and dined,and murdered unless they outwit Death.  The Ninth Guest 
(1934) on IMDb  
10:37 PM Great Alaskan Mystery Thundering Doom 2    
10:59 PM Police Patrol 1933 56 Two lawmen play tricks on each other and compete for women.  Riot Squad 
(1933) on IMDb  

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