Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Spider's Web 01    
12:30 AM Captain Scarlett 1953 47 The Captain saves a Princess from marrying a man she doesn't love.  Captain Scarlett</a></td>
<td style= 
1:45 AM Way Out The Croaker    
2:11 AM Riders of Death Valley Menacing Herd 2    
2:30 AM Mr. Imperium 1951 50 An exiled king and a film star try to rekindle a romance from the past.  Mr. Imperium 
(1951) on IMDb  
3:58 AM Medic Never Comes Sunday    
4:25 AM Triumph of the Son of Hercules 1961 42 A muscle-bound hero (Kirk Morris) must save the woman (Cathia Caro) he loves from a queen (Liuba Bodina) who wants to sacrifice her to a volcano god.   Il trionfo di Maciste 
(1961) on IMDb  
5:51 AM Ramar of the Jungle White Mans Magic    
6:19 AM Billy the Kid Trapped 1942 59 Outlaws are pretending to be Billy the Kid and his side-kicks and the real Billy the Kid must bring them to justice  Billy the Kid Trapped 
(1942) on IMDb
7:15 AM Charley Juniors School Days EDU    
7:24 AM Hold Everything    
7:33 AM Happy Days    
7:43 AM Flowers at Work EDU    
7:54 AM Cubby Bear Goode Knight    
8:02 AM Fun of Making Friends EDU    
8:17 AM The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock The Slocum Family    
8:44 AM William Tell The Unwelcome Stranger    
9:11 AM Fury Stolen    
9:36 AM Robin Hood The Shell Game    
10:04 AM Gigolettes of Paris 1933 58 A jilted shop girl goes off in search of true love.  Gigolettes of Paris 
(1933) on IMDb
11:06 AM Ozzie and Harriet Rick Is Late For Dinner    
11:32 AM Universal Newsreel 36-97 112863    
11:41 AM Love that Bob 1958 05 06 Grandpa Attends a Convention    
12:13 PM Doughnuts and Society 1936 69 When a woman suddenly becomes very wealthy, she leaves her doughnut shop partner and heads for high society.  Doughnuts and Society 
(1936) on IMDb
1:22 PM Nat Cole 8    
1:47 PM Univ Newsreel 010746    
1:56 PM Quatermass II Episode 5    
2:31 PM The Red House 1947 69 A farmer holds a terrifying secret about a sinister old house that contains many unsolved mysteries.  The Red House (1947) on IMDb  
4:13 PM Danger Man That's Two of Us Sorry    
5:05 PM The Spider's Web 01    
5:42 PM Flying Wild 1941 62 Young men who work at an aviation factory begin to suspect that a doctor who runs an air ambulance service is secretly a spy   Flying Wild 
(1941) on IMDb  
6:44 PM Silent Service The Unsuccessful Patrol    
7:12 PM Dragnet The Big Hands    
7:39 PM Riders of Death Valley Menacing Herd 2    
8:00 PM The Hypnotist- Scotland Yard Dragnet 1957 52 A pilot moves in with a psychiatrist for treatment after he develops psychosomatic symptoms.  Scotland Yard Dragnet 
(1957) on IMDb
9:38 PM The Falcon In Mexico 1944 62 A society sleuth tours the movie capital, where he uncovers an actor's murder.  The Falcon in Mexico 
(1944) on IMDb
10:46 PM Great Alaskan Mystery Battle in the Clouds 3    
11:04 PM Blue Steel 1934 54 A Marshal goes undercover to round up the polka dot bandit and his gang.  Blue Steel 
(1934) on IMDb  

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