Start time Title                                                                                                                                
12:00 AM Danger of the Canadian Mounties 01    
12:20 AM Unforgotten Crime 1942 63 Townspeople go wild when a radio reporter offers a reward to the first person who locates a retired safe-cracker. The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine (1942) on IMDb  
1:13 AM Robin Hood The Rivals    
1:38 AM Dangers of the Canadian Mounties 02    
1:52 AM Night Cargo 1936 50 While in Singapore, a man and a pretty young girl find themselves mixed up in blackmail and murder.  Night Cargo (1936) on IMDb  
2:47 AM Fractured Flickers 01    
3:12 AM The Blue Man 1985 31 A detective ties a confusion of murders to a strange woman and a TV producer toying with astral travel.  The Blue Man 
(1985) on IMDb  
4:38 AM Crossroads Hostage    
5:04 AM Pardon My Gun 1930 33 A ranch hand must win a horse race to prevent a dishonest neighbor from snatching his boss's property.  Pardon My Gun 
(1930) on IMDb  
6:07 AM Case of the Challenging Flight    
7:06 AM The Cobweb Hotel    
7:20 AM Howdy Doody Visiting Clown    
7:47 AM Robin Hood The Charm Peddler    
8:19 AM Buccaneers Spy Aboard    
8:41 AM CapZ-Rio 12    
9:08 AM Felix the Cat Felix Lends a Hand 1922    
9:17 AM Roy Rogers Show Unwilling Outlaw 02    
9:40 AM Billy the Kid Wanted 1941 59 Billy finds that a Land Development Company is somewhat less than honest in their dealings with the homesteaders.  Billy the Kid Wanted 
(1941) on IMDb  
10:42 AM Ozzie and Harriet The Circus    
11:08 AM Topper The Kid    
11:35 AM Cattle Stampede 1943 63 A gang of cattle rustlers challenge Billy The Kid and his pal Fuzzy.  Cattle Stampede (1943) on IMDb  
12:32 PM Eve Arden 2    
1:00 PM Diary of a Sergeant 1945 80    
1:22 PM Ozzie and Harriet Lonesome Parents    
1:47 PM Neath the Arizona Skys 1934 51 The guardian of half-Indian girl Nina, is helping her find her missing white father.  'Neath the Arizona Skies (1934) on IMDb  
2:41 PM Telephone Time I Am Not Alone    
3:07 PM Woman Power 1942    
3:25 PM Assignment Underwater A Message to Mulligan    
3:53 PM Two Plus Fours 1930 (Short) 52 A Campus Comedies short film by Pathé with The Rhythm Boys  Two Plus Fours 
(1930) on IMDb  
4:16 PM Passport To Danger Turkey 05    
4:42 PM Food and Magic    
4:52 PM War In The Pacific Rise Of The Japanese Empire    
5:18 PM Danger of the Canadian Mounties 01    
5:44 PM The Giant of Metropolis 1961 50 Ohro travels to the capital of Atlantis to battle against its evil lord Yoh-tar The Giant of Metropolis (1961) on IMDb  
7:14 PM Secret File USA Mission Assassin    
7:42 PM Dragnet The Big Bounce    
8:09 PM Dangers of the Canadian Mounties 02    
8:23 PM A Date with the Falcon 1942 65 The gentleman detective postpones his wedding to find a cache of stolen diamonds.  A Date with the Falcon 
(1942) on IMDb  
9:31 PM Mr. Boggs Steps Out 1938 64 A statistician uses winnings from a bean-guessing contest to fund a collapsible-barrel factory.  Mr. Boggs Steps Out 
(1938) on IMDb  
10:39 PM Dangers of the Canadian Mounties 03    
10:54 PM Murder In The Red Barn 1935 59 A young girl is tricked by tales of marriage by a villainous Squire.  Maria Marten, or The Murder in the Red Barn 
(1935) on IMDb

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