Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Dangers of the Canadian Mounties 04    
12:14 AM Blazing Frontier 1943 68 Billy the Kid saves settlers from land-grabbing railroad detectives. Blazing Frontier (1943) on IMDb  
1:10 AM Dangers of the Canadian Mounties 05    
1:24 AM Freaks 1932 79 A lady trapeze artist violates the code of the side show when she plots to murder her midget husband.  Freaks 
(1932) on IMDb  
2:27 AM Hunky And Spunky You Cant Shoe A Horse Fly    
2:35 AM Stagecoach War 1940 69 Hoppy is busy chasing stagecoach bandits who sing as they rob.  Stagecoach War (1940) on IMDb
3:35 AM Casper Spooking In Africa    
3:43 AM The Ninth Guest 1934 73 Eight strangers are invited to a penthouse apartment. Greeted, wined and dined,and murdered unless they outwit Death.  The Ninth Guest 
(1934) on IMDb
4:53 AM Gabby Goes Fishing    
5:02 AM The Spider and the Fly 1949 68 A French Detective teams up with the best cat-burglar in France to steal a list of foreign spies.  The Spider and the Fly</a></td>
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6:34 AM Popeye Customers Wanted    
6:47 AM Life With Father 1947 71 A straitlaced turn-of-the-century father presides over a family of boys and the mother who really rules the roost. Life with Father (1947) on IMDb
8:46 AM Atlantic Crossing on a Liner    
9:07 AM Bill Garman 12 Year Old Businessman    
9:18 AM Time For Love    
9:28 AM Big Fella 1937 58 A wanderer and his friend shelter a runaway who doesn't wish to return to his parents.  Big Fella 
(1937) on IMDb  
10:39 AM Ding Dog Daddy    
10:48 AM The Passenger Train    
10:59 AM 0820 LOVE WORTH FINDING    
11:58 AM Oil Well EDU    
12:27 PM The Hitch Hiker 1953 70 Ray and Gilbert's fishing trip takes a terrifying turn when the hitchhiker they pick up turns out to be a sociopath.  The Hitch-Hiker 
(1953) on IMDb
1:38 PM Pop Goes the Weasel EDU    
1:48 PM Betty Boop Happy You And Marry Me    
1:58 PM Doughnuts and Society 1936 69 When a woman suddenly becomes very wealthy, she leaves her doughnut shop partner and heads for high society.  Doughnuts and Society 
(1936) on IMDb
3:07 PM TexAvery 1949 Wags to Riches    
3:18 PM Gigolettes of Paris 1933 58 A jilted shop girl goes off in search of true love.  Gigolettes of Paris 
(1933) on IMDb
4:20 PM Univ Newsreel 061145    
4:36 PM Ask a Policeman 1939 70 To keep from losing their jobs, three British policemen in a quiet village stage a fake crime wave. Ask a Policeman (1939) on IMDb  
5:51 PM Dangers of the Canadian Mounties 04    
6:09 PM Trapped 1949 65 A Treasury agent goes after a counterfeit ring of gansters.  Trapped 
(1949) on IMDb  
7:29 PM Dangers of the Canadian Mounties 05    
7:45 PM Feather Your Nest 1937 59 An employee of a record manufacturing company comes up with a hit song.  Feather Your Nest 
(1937) on IMDb
9:17 PM A Stranger In Town 1943 68 A Supreme Court justice on a duck-hunting foray becomes involved in serious trouble with the citizens in a small town.  A Stranger in Town 
(1943) on IMDb
10:24 PM Dangers of the Canadian Mounties 06    
10:41 PM The Spy in Black 1939 70 A German submarine is sent to the Orkney Isles in 1917 to sink the British fleet.  The Spy in Black (1939) on IMDb  

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