Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM The Spider's Web 09    
12:17 AM My Favorite Brunette 1947 68 A baby photographer mistaken for a private eye ends up framed for murder.   My Favorite Brunette 
(1947) on IMDb  
1:44 AM Silent Service The Perch's New Role    
2:10 AM Riders of Death Valley Devouring Flames 10    
2:28 AM White Legion 1936 NR A group of doctors try to discover a cure for yellow fever.   White Legion 
(1936) on IMDb  
3:45 AM Thriller An Attractive Family    
4:38 AM Small Town Boy 1937 47 Stuart Erwin's life is changed when he finds a $1000 bill.  Small Town Boy 
(1937) on IMDb  
5:37 AM Cisco Kid The Phoney Heiress    
6:03 AM Young Buffalo Bill 1940 57 Buffalo Bill Cody tries to help a rancher protect a diamond mine on his property.  Young Buffalo Bill 
(1940) on IMDb  
6:57 AM International Space Station    
7:25 AM Tom and Jerry Night Before Christmas    
7:34 AM Mystery of Time Edu KIDS    
8:02 AM A Coach For Cinderella    
8:17 AM Gabby Hays Show Cobbler    
8:44 AM The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel The Flower Woman    
9:09 AM Gene Autry Show Double Barreled Vengenance    
9:39 AM Dr Christian Meets the Woman 1940 61 A phony professor comes to town promoting a "miracle" diet pill that has dire side affects.   Dr. Christian Meets the Women 
(1940) on IMDb
10:45 AM Dick Van Dyke Roof    
11:16 AM Grand Central Market EDU    
11:26 AM The Lucy Show Caught Up In The Draft    
11:59 AM Basin Street Revue 1956 69 Musical variety filmed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York City. Basin Street Revue (1956) on IMDb  
12:40 PM Beverly Hillbillies Duke Becomes A Father    
1:05 PM Andy Griffith The Darlings are Coming    
1:27 PM Welcome Home Post War EDU    
1:47 PM Biff Baker London Incident    
2:16 PM They Made Me A Killer 1946 64 A fugitive receives help from a victim's sister as he tries to clear his name of robbery and murder charges.  They Made Me a Killer 
(1946) on IMDb  
3:21 PM Mr Lucky Tacking a Chance    
3:50 PM The Invisible Man Flight In To Darkness    
4:16 PM The Spider's Web 09    
4:40 PM The Tonto Kid 1934 67 A cowboy is trying to foil a lawyers intent on getting hold of a potentially valuable property.  The Tonto Kid 
(1934) on IMDb  
5:39 PM Dragnet The Big Deal    
6:07 PM Silent Service The Bergalls Revenge    
6:33 PM Riders of Death Valley Devouring Flames 10    
6:53 PM The House of Rothschild 1934 68 The story of the rise of the Rothschild financial empire founded by Mayer Rothschild and continued by his five sons.  The House of Rothschild (1934) on IMDb  
8:20 PM Seaway 34th Man    
9:05 PM Univ Newsreel 040545    
9:21 PM Where Theres A Will 1936 65 A solicitor becomes party to a bank robbery.  Where There's a Will 
(1936) on IMDb  
10:37 PM Great Alaskan Mystery Tunnel of Terror 11    
10:57 PM Swing it Sailor 1938 51 A sailor pulls every trick in the book to derail his pal's proposed marriage to a troublesome woman.   Swing It, Sailor! 
(1938) on IMDb  

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