Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM The Spider's Web 14    
12:18 AM Doomed to Die 1940 55 A newswoman asks sleuth Mr. Wong to look into the murder of a shipping tycoon.  Doomed to Die 
(1940) on IMDb
1:26 AM UltraMan 27    
1:50 AM Riders of Death Valley The Harvest of Hate 15    
2:10 AM White Pongo 1945 26 The hero rescues a scientist's daughter from a white ape and a villain in the Belgian Congo.  White Pongo 
(1945) on IMDb  
3:22 AM TAles of Tomorrow Little Black Bag    
3:48 AM I Accuse My Parents 1944 23 Young man goes to work for gangsters to impress his nightclub-singer girlfriend.   I Accuse My Parents 
(1944) on IMDb
4:56 AM Jack Benny Reminiscing About New Years Eve    
5:26 AM Big Boy Rides Again 1935 54 A man comes to town to claim the estate of his father, who was shot by a masked killer. He sets out to find who did it.   Big Boy Rides Again 
(1935) on IMDb
6:24 AM ISS Mailbag - Checklists, A Guide to Making Pizza in Space    
6:37 AM Super Man Secret Agent    
6:46 AM Energy in Our Rivers EDU    
6:55 AM Mr Piper The Proud Princess    
7:03 AM NASA Chooses SpaceX and Boeing    
7:39 AM Diver Dan School Daze    
7:52 AM Annie Oakley Renegades Return    
8:18 AM The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickock Medicine Show    
8:45 AM TexAvery 1943 Who Killed Who    
8:53 AM The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel Something Remembered    
9:19 AM The Adventures of Champion The Saddle Tramp    
9:48 AM Desert Escape 1940 67 A man accused of planning a prison break turns the tables on escaped cons by leading the group into the desert.  Marked Men 
(1940) on IMDb  
10:54 AM Petticoat Junction Local Girl Makes Good    
11:20 AM Universal Newreel 36-98 112463    
11:27 AM Johnny Carson Show 06    
11:53 AM The Amazing Mr X 1948 66 A widow questions her sanity after hearing the voice of her dead husband.  The Amazing Mr. X (1948) on IMDb  
1:11 PM Topper Goes to Washington    
1:34 PM Univ Newsreel 012945    
1:41 PM Lone Ranger Pt2 Enter The Lone Ranger    
2:06 PM Streamline Express 1935 60 An actress, an eloper, a producer and a drunk liven up a coast-to-coast train. Streamline Express (1935) on IMDb  
3:16 PM Danger Man The Paper Chase    
4:07 PM The Spider's Web 14    
4:32 PM Everything is Thunder 1936 66 After a Canadian officer escapes a prison camp in 1917 Germany, a Berliner helps him cross the border  Everything Is Thunder 
(1936) on IMDb
5:47 PM UltraMan 38    
6:15 PM Peter Gunn Lets Kill Timothy    
6:45 PM Science Fiction Theatre End of Tomorrow    
7:07 PM Riders of Death Valley The Harvest of Hate 15    
7:28 PM While the City Sleeps 1956 70 Reporters compete to catch a serial killer.  While the City Sleeps 
(1956) on IMDb
9:09 PM Univ Newsreel 011145    
9:24 PM Seven Sinners 1936 68 A trip becomes a working holiday when Inspector Harwood stumbles on a stiff in his hotel room.  Doomed Cargo 
(1936) on IMDb
10:34 PM Jungle Jim The Killers Herd 4[subtitles]    
10:57 PM The Moth 1934 53 A wealthy socialite on the run from a lecherous paramour unknowingly befriends a notorious criminal.  The Moth 
(1934) on IMDb  

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