Start time Title                                                                                                                              
12:00 AM The Spider's Web 15    
12:14 AM The Man From Hell 1934 47 A man fresh out of prison for robbing a stage coach goes home to clear his name.  The Man from Hell 
(1934) on IMDb  
1:09 AM Ozzie and Harriet Weekend Vacation    
1:35 AM Shadow of China Town The Arms of the Gods 1    
2:02 AM Fangs of the Wild 1939 53 Foxes are mysteriously disappearing from fox farms and Agent Don has been sent to investigate.  Fangs of the Wild 
(1939) on IMDb  
3:00 AM Lock Up Design For Murder    
3:24 AM The Atomic Kid 1954 53 A man wandering in the desert outside Las Vegas stays in an empty house built on the spot that an atomic bomb is scheduled to explode.  The Atomic Kid 
(1954) on IMDb  
4:51 AM Crossroads 930 Action    
5:19 AM Two Fisted Law 1932 53 Tim Clark borrows money from Bob Russell, who then rustles Clark's cattle so he will be unable to repay the money.   Two-Fisted Law 
(1932) on IMDb  
6:16 AM Little Red School Mouse    
6:23 AM Case of the Shaky Quake    
7:20 AM Boskos Store    
7:33 AM Annie Oakley Gets Her Man    
7:58 AM The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel The Christmas Present    
8:24 AM Roy Rogers Show Horse Crazy 44    
8:50 AM Betty Boop Betty Boops Big Boss    
9:02 AM Hudsons Bay Mysterious Journey    
9:29 AM Gabby Hays Show Iceburg    
9:57 AM Beauty Parlor 1932 58 Two manicurists at a big New York City hotel beauty parlor search for love.  Beauty Parlor 
(1932) on IMDb  
11:03 AM Ozzie and Harriet Tutti Frutti Ice Cream    
11:29 AM French Village EDU    
11:52 AM Jack Benny Lunch Counter Murder    
12:25 PM The Gangs All Here 1941 67 A truck driver learns the firm he works for is engaged in a power struggle with another competing company. The Gang's All Here (1941) on IMDb  
1:27 PM Topper The Proposal    
1:53 PM Univ Newsreel 021545    
2:00 PM Trouble With Father Telephonitis    
2:29 PM Take My Life 1947 68 When her husband is wrongly accused of murder, an opera singer sets out to find the real culprit. Take My Life (1947) on IMDb  
3:46 PM The Lucy Show Lucy And Carol In Palm Springs    
4:12 PM Lock up 34    
4:39 PM The Spider's Web 15    
5:01 PM Lost Honeymoon 1947 61 When her best friend dies, a woman takes the orphaned children in search of their father. Lost Honeymoon (1947) on IMDb  
6:11 PM Seaway Billy the Kid    
6:58 PM Shadow of China Town The Arms of the Gods 1    
7:27 PM The Falcon In San Francisco1945 65 A society sleuth enlists a little girl's help in nabbing a mob of silk smugglers.  The Falcon in San Francisco 
(1945) on IMDb
8:30 PM Hong Kong Lesson in Fear    
9:32 PM Geisha Girl 1952 45 Two Army privates on leave in Tokyo encounter a mad man who wants to blow up ten large cities and rule the world.  Geisha Girl 
(1952) on IMDb  
10:40 PM Jungle Jim The Bridge of Terror 5[subtitles]    
11:01 PM Bulldog Drummond in Africa 1938 59 Drummond, his girlfriend and his butler try to free an high post of Scotland Yard who has been kidnapped.  Bulldog Drummond in Africa 
(1938) on IMDb

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