Start time Title                                                                                                                            
12:00 AM Captain America Wholesale Destruction 7    
12:16 AM The Loudspeaker 1934 35 A young man from a small town hits New York City, bound and determined to become a radio star.  The Loudspeaker 
(1934) on IMDb
1:25 AM War In The Pacific Attack In The Central Pacific    
1:51 AM Shadow of China Town Midnight 8    
2:10 AM Wings of Adventure 1930 54 An Army pilot and his mechanic are captured by banditos when their plane strays into Mexico. Wings of Adventure (1930) on IMDb  
3:02 AM Front Page Detective Alibi suicide    
3:28 AM Creature Of Destruction 1967 23 A resort hypnotist and his assistant predict murders, which she then commits as a fanged monster. Creature of Destruction (1967) on IMDb  
4:49 AM Lock up 39    
5:19 AM Sundown Saunders 1935 61 A ranch foreman wins his own ranch in a horse race but on the way to his new ranch is framed for murder. Sundown Saunders (1935) on IMDb  
6:23 AM Lincoln Where I Grew Up EDU    
6:56 AM Your junior high days EDU    
7:09 AM Quak A Doodle Doo    
7:16 AM Diver Dan Triggers Revenge    
7:28 AM Frontier Doctor The Homesteaders    
7:54 AM The Adventures Of Sir Lancelot The Outcast    
8:20 AM Petticoat Junction The Hooterville Flowerball    
8:47 AM Taming the Wild 1936 58 A rich heiress has fun running away from the cops, her family, gangsters and the man hired to look after her. Taming the Wild (1936) on IMDb  
9:45 AM Ozzie and Harriet Father and Son Tournament    
10:10 AM The Lucy Show The Monkey    
10:36 AM The Little King    
10:44 AM Sherlock Holmes Case Of The Thistle Killer    
11:19 AM The Judge 1949 61 To win back her husband, a divorcee pretends to be married to a loser. The Judge (1949) on IMDb  
12:29 PM Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts And The Dodgers    
12:54 PM Greenwich Village    
1:07 PM Nat cole 18    
1:25 PM Four Star Playhouse The Contest    
1:53 PM Happy Landing 1934 51 Two border patrol pilots compete for the attention of the Colonel's daughter  Happy Landing 
(1934) on IMDb
2:55 PM Sense And Nonsense    
3:25 PM Dont Be a Sucker EDU    
3:42 PM Lock up 11    
4:10 PM Richard Diamond A Cup of Black Coffee    
4:36 PM Captain America Wholesale Destruction 7    
5:00 PM Below the Deadline 1936 56 After a cop is framed for a diamond robbery and murder and presumed dead in a train wreck, he returns to expose the real killers. Below the Deadline (1936) on IMDb  
6:10 PM Eskimos Winter    
6:18 PM The Lawless Years Pilot    
6:46 PM Hong Kong Murder Royal    
7:37 PM Shadow of China Town Midnight 8    
7:58 PM Lumberjack 1944 68 Julie's husband has been murdered and land agents want her to sign away her property rights.   Lumberjack 
(1944) on IMDb  
9:03 PM Science Fiction Theatre Miracle of Dr Dove    
9:36 PM The Lady Confesses 1945 63 A man's girlfriend turns sleuth after his long-lost wife turns up dead.  The Lady Confesses 
(1945) on IMDb
10:41 PM Jungle Jim The Last Safari 12[subtitles]    
11:01 PM Hong Kong Nights 1935 56 U.S. Customs undercover agents battle a gun runner in mysterious Macao and Hong Kong.  Hong Kong Nights 
(1935) on IMDb

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